Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hikaru no Go

I'm addicted to Hikaru no Go!!
It's like right after each episode, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE NEXT ONE...and then the next and next and next and YOU JUST CAN'T STOP! SERIOUSLY!



I LOOOVE IT...but too bad this is not the type of anime to be watched over again. Since you know what will happen already.

Friday, July 20, 2007

First time Bowling!


My morning started with a TB skin test. Van, Emily, and me met at the Garfield Medical Center to get the shot. As usual, emily was freaking out . Van was the brave one, she went in first. I hated to be the last one, so I told emily I'm going next. She nodded very eagerly. XD! Van came out looking very normal like the shot was nothing. Emily kept going: DOES IT HURT?DOES IT HURT?O_O!. Van: Find out yourself. Me: haha! *gets up* I went in the room, sat down, looked at the needle in the lady's hand and faced the other way. It hurt a bit, but I was okay with it. It stung afterwards, but i forgot about it. Then when it was Emily's turn. OMG! You should have seen her, or heard her! SHE WAS FREAKEN SCREAMING INSIDE THE ROOM!! AND GOING CRAZY.... it's just a shot.... while me and van were laughing outside. HAHA! It was funny! Oh yea! I got this huge bump on where I got my shot.

After the shots, Emily had to go to ACI, and I went to van's house. We talked and did stuff and ate and watched a movie called The Last Mimzy. When it was 2:00, the three of us met up with Jenny at the Bowling Place. I was sooo scared! I didn't want to go up at all. I JUST WANTED TO BE A SPECTATOR! BUT NO!! They just had to drag me along to bowl. But I'm glad I did it. I got the hang of it and even beat Jenny(the most experienced out of all of us). The first game...Jenny and Van were bowling like pros. Awesome and crazy! Emily .... her bowling posture is HILARIOUS! she sticks her left palm up and when she swings the ball forward...and sticks her right leg up....we would all crack up. I, in the beginning, just kept getting pushed by them to try it. But it was for good. I sucked so badly at first, kept making gutter balls. But then in the second game, I was striking like CRAZY! YAYS! I almost beat Van and Emily! There were also arcade stuff there too.

So after we finished bowling, we played table hockey which made us SWEAT EVEN MORE! So intense! I beat both Jenny and Van! Yays! but Jenny got her revenge at the end. Then me and Jenny went to play the shooting game.

Time to eat! We walked like a few blocks just to get food...It was sunny too! We walked all the way to where cue was. We ate at Pa Pa Walk. The popcorn chicken was GOOD! Then we walked to the place on top of cue to drink and play cards and play the marble game. The whole day was FUN!!!WEE!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007


So much is going on this summer. I haven't been posting for such a long time. Hm..where do I start?

Right now, I'm downloading manga. I just feel like reading them.
I'm attending summer school at Alhambra High again... this time it's U.S. History.
My teacher is pretty fun. Sometimes, he would bring up interesting facts along with his long lecture. We get homework and tests EVERY single day. We would get to have this study session right before the test where we pick a number and answer the question. If we answer correctly, we get a chance to either shoot the basket or putt the ball. Whichever group scored top 3 gets extra credit. Our group has only won once so far. I'm currently getting a 92%. Keep it up!

I watched so much movies this summer! I bought several DVDs(wasted so much $$) and borrowed a lot of movies from Van. Let me name the ones I remember watching. Memoirs of a Geisha(loved it), Apocalypto, Primeval, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Phantom of the Opera, Ice Age II, Open Season, Casino Royal, Over the Hedge, and some others which I can't remember.

continue talking about my summer another day! byes!