Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanks to my dad for the Mango Mochi

Yesterday afternoon..
I just came out of the bathroom. My dad yelled from the kitchen,
"Where's the Mochi I got? You hid it??"
"I. bought it! And yes I hid it."
"Where? Oh never mind. I found it." *Evil Laugh*
"Geez I just want ONE. I'll buy you another one tomorrow."
"Buy the MANGO mochi!!"
"No..I'm going to buy green tea!"
"WHY? Why not mango??"

Monday, July 11, 2011


It's been a while. I am finally motivated to blog, thanks to the bento I made today.
I decided to show off my not-so-good-looking bento.
I've actually been pretty busy with school lately.
He was looking forward to my cooking XD.. not much of a disappointment I guess..he didn't say much, he was just happy I cooked something.. he even showed it off by taking it out of the bag so it's visible to the class(the cover was super transparent), which was kind of embarassing for me.
My grandma saw it this morning and she thought it was really Japanese style and was like woww so pretty. But it's not that pretty in my standards..
I woke up early just to prepare this..

Enough of that and let's take a look at the food~~