Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strange Nightmare

I just woke up from a strange nightmare. So I'm going to type it all out before it slips out of my memory. It's going to get sort of messy and jumbled up from here. There was a checkpoint point where people pass through before they leave hte place(I can't remember what kind of place it mall?no... library?no....I can't remember) I was with my dad and a few other people that are not in my real life(made up people). Sometime before the checkpoint, some guy gave my dad a human finger with a huge ring on it and says it must be worth a my dad puts it in his backpack. There were many people who were about to approach the check point with us. The moment my dad passed the checkpoint it beeped, but no one but me notices. The lady that was over
on the other side who was holding some baton guiding us told the whole group to go back and pass one by one. Somewhere in my brain told me something bad will happen if someone were to get caught, so I hurried and opened my dad's backpack and took the finger with the ring this moment the guy next to me who gave my dad to the ring said why are you taking it out??I went to a lot of trouble to get this! You should let him keep it! It's worth a lot of money! Put it back in! I'm like NO! but he stops me from heading toward the trashcan. I was like No we're not keeping this! So I scanned for the biggest trashcan and I used all my strength to throw it was pretty far away... and the finger hit the edge of the trashcan and went it. Lucky! The guy let go of me and it was my dad's turn to pass through. Nothing beeps, he was safe. Then, it was my turn. I seemed unsure in my walk...I showed insecurity and nervousness and I smiled to try to hide it..... even after I passed with no beeping...the lady made me go back and walk through it again. This time around I tried to walk it like a model. I passed it. Somewhere along in the dream....the back of my right hand...near my knuckles...appeared a large, black spot. It was like the size of a ping pong ball, except it's flat like a tattoo...but it wasn't a perfect was a messy wobbly shape. I started to worry. This lady who was near me said she had the same thing, nothing bad happened. That didn't really calm me down. My dad told me to go to a doctor. Then he went ahead to guide me. But somewhere along the way, I lost him.... So I was sort of wandering around trying to find the doctor and on the way I saw many strange things and strange things happened which I don't recall at this moment. But somewhere along...the black spot on my hand had turned into an ugly olive bubble(not a round bubble but those bubble you see when something is infected) the bubble took shape of the wobbly black spot that is no longer there. The black thing disappeared but now the bubble is there. It began to was painful...the bubble was a pain even if I didn't touch it. I continued to find the doctor. Then there was a fan like a hard curtain...I opened it and walked through.... there, right in front of the door after I passed it was a lady sitting behind a low a librarian in a high class library...the kind with a green lamp and stuff. It was weird though because tables are usually higher...but this one was especially low. I looked down at the lady....she had fuzzy, bushy, curly light brown long hair....she looked like she was in her fourties or fifties. I said, I'm looking for a doctor, I have problem with my hand. She said, Let me take a look at it. I showed her my right hand with the ugly bubble.  She was messing around with the bubble trying to examine it but popping it at the same time??I had no idea what she was doing but at this time something else had my attention taken away. In my mouth, what was supposed to be saliva being excreted was this weird gooey fluid that is being excreted from the insides of my mouth and the moment it flowed down to under my tongue where my sublingual glands are....a terrible sensation washed over the area under my this time I held on to my chin...panicked. I spat out the stuff that kept on coming out in my mouth. I didn't want it to roll down and make me feel this way. I was spitting all over the table while experiencing this horrendous pain that was going on in my mouth. I was screaming except with my mouth closed. The lady went to examine the liquid I spat out. She said it was some kind of flower essential oil.... I thought, what the hell....why would plant's oils come out of my mouth. This is insane. Then she told me Don't spit it out! Swallow it! It's supposed to heal your hand. Your body is producing these type of liquids to defend itself. The pain subsided....and I's not coming out anymore. She gave me a bunch of these white and purple flowers and told me to chew on it and swallow it. I put them in my mouth and chewed....I still remember the feeling of chewing them even now. It was very strange....chewing on petals. The flowers were like orchids. Somehow, she left without me noticing and so I started to look for her. I passed through rooms which seemed like each doctor owned these rooms. These doctors were cruel and horrible. There was a doctor who was treating a patient and said I'm the last doctor you want to look for. He did something to the patient, which made the patient unable to talk....I can't quite remember all the horrible things he did, maybe my memory is blocking them. I remember passing through the hallway of doctors...scared...terrified...of the way they do things. I finally found the lady doctor who was treating me....I see that she was wearing a white doctor's uniform. I told her I'm so glad I have you as my're the nicest one around here.. Then I woke up. My theory is that because my right hand touched the dead finger with the huge hand got infected with some kind of disease. I went through the doctors of hell(which I can't really call how bad because I can't remember I just know they're really bad), and in the dream, I was so sure my doctor was the greatest one there, but now that I'm back to reality, maybe she was going to do something really bad to me. There were many parts of the dream where I what happened before we got the dead finger, or after we passed the checkpoint.....I'm sure many things happened. But this is the best I can do even recalling right after I woke up. I was parched when I woke up, so I immediately grabbed my water bottle and chugged down some H2O.

I just finished most of my finals, so I took a nap to re-energize myself. I still have one more final to go. After all the finals I'M FREE! Then, I can do whatever I want. I need to send my letter to my penpal, clean my messy room, and get myself prepared for a nice trip!


  1. What a strange dream. It's like an surreal story, someone wrote. It was very interesting to read, but I'm sure it wasn't so nice to dream of this.

    Good luck on your final! :D I'll cheer for you!


  2. ohh Pinkii, im sorry you had a bad dream. i seem surrounded by them recently! the detail and amount of the dream you remembered is astounding! almost like you were allowed to "be someone else" the 2nd time around and watch it like a show so you would have SOME memory of it. i wonder what happened to your dad? have you had any medical procedures done recently? i've never understood the idea of why we dream what we do. the many psych classes i've taken haven't brought me any closer to understanding why these weird, random, sometimes frightening thoughts get into our heads and we experience them as dreams.

    i also will pray for you for good luck on your final! what class is it? what is your major? just curious.

    i will also hope to hear back, just let me know about "type-kit", that let's us use our own fonts. and why on earth don't i have a "join my site" thingie on my site? boo :( i also see many more thingies here than my site, like the clock, how sweet, messages, ask question, hmm...time for me to do research, not to bother you and other bloggers.

    all my best thoughts, dream well tonight Pinkii Lee!

    <3 Mia-Bohème

  3. Strange dream, i hope you can sleep better the next nights!

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  4. This is a very strange, and long dream. I actually just found your blog and think it's super cute!

  5. whoa such a strange dream... anyways you have such a cute blog~! looking forward to your upcoming posts!


  6. that was really a strange dream O.O but it is awesome that u can remember ur dreams so well XD i usually forget them immediatly lol followed ur cute blog:) would be nice if u would take a look at mine too <3


  7. omg! so scared.. well let's follow each other!:)

  8. Hey :3 cute blog (and what a strange dream!)
    I'm sure you are dreaming "intensely" because finals are creating a lot of stress, you know? But once you are done with them, you should be able to dream about nice stuff <3
    I like your blog and I also like that you post about things like this, so let me know if maybe we could follow each other?
    xoxo Keki ^-^


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