Saturday, November 5, 2011

Indulge in Tea Tree & Peppermint Wake Up Soap

Ohh noooo! I thought in the morning as I was showering... NO MORE soap! There was a teeny piece left so I used it; enough for my whole body.

I decided to give The Soap Kitchen a try. Thankfully, I have such a wonderful~nice~boyfriend who is willing to take me to The Soap Kitchen in Pasadena to buy the soap. When we got to Pasadena, the traffic was horrible; no parking space anywhere in sight. It was frustrating. I was even willing to pay that $12 parking fee, but he was like no. Then after a while, he spotted this $6 public parking lot, he's like "you want to park here?" "YES!" I didn't care anymore as long as we park somewhere; we've been going in circles.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinkii's Outfit 6 : Happily Balancing on Silky Leather

From now on, I'm going to stop showing the pictures before the jumpbreak, so you'll have to view it by clicking "continue reading" unless you're going directly to the post. I just want to avoid having the page load forever.

Finally! It's here! The 6th outfit you've all been waiting for! *drum roll*