Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Promote my store!

Hello there~
I need to promote my store!! No one knows about it!! I know there's more chance with ebay, but I wanna give this a try! I am currently flippin' out my entire wardrobe to sell my stuff because I desperately need money! Yes, so I'm selling cheap clothes and other stuff! Some clothes are used, some are new, some are just like new, etc. etc. etc. I give all the details, and if there's something you want to know, it doesn't hurt to ask, and I will be honest with you, unlike some sneaky sellers online who cheat people. Oh, but here's the thing, at the moment, I'm only shipping within U.S. , so sorry if you are outside of U.S..

If you happen to land on this page by any chance, DON'T LEAVE YET!! AT LEAST take a second to look at the preview of my store :) , then take 0.0001 second to just CLICK it. LALALA~~
visit meeee

Okay, so here's what I'm attempting to do, I will include every single keyword I can think of in this post, so whoever is searching whatever they're trying to find on google or whatever site can somehow get this page to show up. Maybe I should be doing this when I have more items up since this is not all, I just don't have the time to put everything up yet, I have priorities.

Just a little background info on my clothes... don't worry, I won't sell SUPER CRAPPY clothes to you. I would just directly donate them or something if I find it not worth selling. I think I really only need 20% of my clothes in my closet since I don't wear ALL OF THEM. Really..how many girls actually wear 100% of their clothes in their closets(for girls who shop). Let's be real. Many of these clothes, I get them overseas, in Asia. Asians are AWESOME, asian fashion and asian clothes are ALSO AWESOME! Asian pride here~ Some of my clothes can even be considered "korean style". This means, you won't find them here in AMERICA/UNITED STATES. That means...you will have your own special unique clothing that you won't see anyone else have! You're probably thinking...I will probably see another asian girl wearing the same thing. NO! YOU'RE WRONG! That chance is like 0.000000001% because stores in asia constantly produce different clothes, chasing after new trends. Of course, most of my clothes can still be considered trendy if you actually take a look at them ;]

Although you've probably clicked the link already, and haven't even reached this section yet....but that's okayyy^^
Here, you can get an idea of what is available in my store at the moment(more will be added):
-Black sleeveless top/black tank top with cute buttons and cute pockets (small or medium) summer wear
-Yellow Polka dotted ruffle blouse/yellow polka dotts blouse (medium)(M) summer wear
-Yellow Feminine Flowy Top, the sleeves are flowy or wide cut? summer wear
-Black Puffy Sleeved/ Black puffy sleeves/ Baggy sleeves/ whatever. fall wear
-Brown Corduroy Jacket , and yes, it's fluffy inside. size small, great for winter
-Gray Quarter Sleeves with stitched beads on top, making it look 3-D
-Hello Kitty Tee/ Hello Kitty T-shirt/ Hello Kitty shirt/ it's pink, by the way. It's cute but I'm more fond of My Melody :/
-White Mini Skirt - PAUSE. I'LL CONTINUE THIS TOMORROW. I NEED MY SLEEP :] I don't think people will reach this page THAT FAST anyway.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 10: Game Over.

Wow...I lasted 10 days hahaha....
Well, it's my 2nd day so my mood is pretty crazy.
With the extreme pain, plus argument with him, plus my dad abandoning me....I guess I couldn't bottle it all up. Weakling, eh?
I will continue to study for my test tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011


It's really hard holding it in...
I really just wanna give up right now. I feel like all my emotions are bottled up inside and there's no way to release it.

Day 9: Don't fail now...

I went to the classroom today like usual. Nothing different.
I sat down and pushed him away like usual(at least to me).
A few minutes later...he said, "Ohh...I know! Your period is coming isn't it??"
Me: I don't know. What makes you think that?
Him: You're acting strange...
Me: I'm acting like how I usually act.
Him: No...I sense something different.
Then, a few hours later...I started getting menstrual cramps. By afternoon, my period came. =_= He was like.. " I was right! See! "
My mood was fluctuating like crazy later after I got home.
Everything just pissed me off.. like the floor my slipper got stuck to this sticky mess on the floor that someone left. I was soooo pissed i was like CURSE WHOEVER MADE THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!! I think even if I wasn't on it, I would be pretty pissed. I had to go get another pair of slippers to wear even after cleaning it.
I was kinda close to tear..but forced it back in! Yes! I have not failed yet.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 6: My Fated number

Today is just like any other day. No drama. No tears.
There is one big thing. Test. And I think I did pretty bad.
I'm just a bad test taker. The moment I see the problems, I just forget everything. Let's not even go there. So depressing...

We were so wasted after the test we treated ourselves to Daikokuya. I couldn't resist ordering Takoyaki because I haven't had those in forever! It's so expensive though! $4.XX for 5 pieces. We ordered regular size noodles, which is huge. I couldnt' finish it since I ate 3 takoyakis. My appetite isn't as crazy as before because physics class is draining my soul and energy and all that.

We worked on lab at my house. I had to clean out my whole room today. So exhausting... I had to clean out my room for my uncle and aunt to sleep in for their one night stay. Everything vacuumed. Dust wiped.

When I watered the plants today. I noticed the water lily was closed very nicely. I remembered the other sunny day it was open(so pretty). I looked it up and found out that water lilys open around 9am and close around 4pm. So coool!!! Wonders of nature. It's like water lilies have bed times like we do.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 4: No drop

Definitely a day I don't feel like crying at all....
So basically I got a D on my test.. but failing tests don't give me tears :/
Okay gotta go to bed now.. it's like 1am....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 3: Hangin' On

I won't be posting everday since my class is so hectic.
I'll be posting every other day or so...
Yesterday(Day 2), no tears.
Today... almost!!
I held it in!! Good job to me!
We got in a fight. And I tend to cry when I get really mad.
I was close, but I fought against them(tears) !
UGH!!MAKES ME SO MAD!! he f**kn hung up on me!!
you know what I hate the most????!?! People hanging up on me ! I'm saying bye to myself!!!!
I think we both have faults, but he thinks it's all my fault by sarcastically saying it's all his fault. He's obviously blaming everything on me!!
I won't be signing on tilll 11, that's for sure... I need the time to cool off...
He's probably telling his mom what happened already by now...since she will be able to sense his anger...and will be asking...
Then, he's gonna make me sound soo badd.....his mom won't like me as much anymore .
That's great. I won't ever want to go to his house now...
When he brought me home today, the moment I got off the car..the second I got off, he already sped off....geeez FFFFRRRRRR
I guess we'll sort things out tonight....but who knows how mad he is...
I guess this is a good thing for me because I concentrate better on hw and lab when I'm in this kind of mood.
Just thinking about it makes me SO FFFKN MAD, I'm gonna do lab now.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 1

So I'm going to do another 30 Day Challenge. This time, it's not shedding a single tear in all 30 days. And take note, my period hasn't come yet, so it will be a challenge. I guess I'll start today. I need this to make myself stronger. This world is unfair, screwed up. Of course, with the dark side, there is always a beautiful side of this world, which includes many beautiful and breathtaking places I need to visit, and fun things to try like skydiving. I need to toughen up myself to take on all the challenges this world has for me. I think crying is a way of giving in and losing. So this will be a good start for me. Usually, it's peopl's words that make me cry, not much of the physical pain. Well, good luck to me, who always cries. Haha.

Now, back to physics.