Friday, March 9, 2012

Pinkii's Outfit 13: Shadow of My Key


I.S.O Blue Button up Dress
ZARA Leggings
Jacket was a long time ago present from my dad (I picked it out though)
Key from my friend, Ashlyn ^^ love the key.
It was a sunny and very cold day. The jacket kept me very warm! The wind was blowing straight at me, you
can see my hair flying in the air! It'd be perfect if I had a running pose. I'm so sleepy from such a tiring day x_x


 It was very very very windy!! We were on a hill afterall. I was freezing without a jacket on, so we did this really quick. My eyes could barely open with sun in my eyes and wind blowing in my face.

see the shadow? ;]
 He liked this picture best and insisted I use it, so here it is.

I totally messed up in Speech class today.. I forgot my words and blanked out and asked, "Can I go back and start all over again?" So I had to go back to my seat and then have him call me up again. The second time I didn't allow myself to fail again, so I kept it going. Someone dropped a pen in class and I blanked out again, but regained my words! My heart was pumping so fast!! But my classmates words were very encouraging, telling me how well I did the second time. I must be better prepared for the next speech!


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    1. thanks! Btw, I'm wondering if people actually get notified if you reply them?

    2. As far as I know people don't get notified ^^ But it still is a nice thing from a blogger to reply on comments, for many don't do so ^^ I feel like spamming your blog. Sorry ^^"" I'll stop now :) I just came to like your blog ^^

    3. Yeah..I kind of figured :/ Don't be sorry >< Spam all you want haha! Thank you!!

  2. me encanta!! esta hermmozo este Outfit, igual que tu ^.^


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