Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer Flashback: Meeting Strawhat Pirates in Times Square, Hong Kong (One Piece Docks At Hong Kong)

Anyone who have watched or read One Piece before would recognize right away that you're staring right at Sunny Go (for those of you who are not familiar, this is the pirate crew's newest ship).  I didn't look up any events prior to coming to Times Square, at least not until I saw THIS! (By the way, One Piece is my favorite Anime/Manga even though I stopped reading/watching)

During my stay in Hong Kong, I was just strolling pass Times Square one day, and I saw something huge and bright ahead of me. When I got a closer look at it, I screamed, "OMG!! IT'S LUFFY'S FLAG!! OMG!! IT'S SUNNY GO!! AH!!".  How in the world did the ship sail all the way here?!?! How could I have missed this?! There was a very long line to board the ship and take pictures with the things they had to offer on Sunny Go. I tiptoed and tried to get a peek at what they get to look at, and I only saw the ship's wheel and Nami's personal orange tree (plastic of course). I figured there was nothing much to see, and it was a very hot day. If they had offered a display of the aquarium, which was on the actual ship in the story, then I would have hopped right in line. Who would miss out on THE aquarium inside Sunny Go? There had to be more to this I had to explore! Sure enough.....what I saw next was the most adorable crew member....