Sunday, June 15, 2008


My grandparents just came back from a wedding[reception].

And mama comes to ask me to help them carry something from the trunk.

So I went out in my PJs and just slipped on some shoes and walked to the trunk of an uncle's car.

Yes. Our relative drove them home.

So I looked in to see a HUUUGE POT OF FLOWERS..actually you can't even see the covered it's like A BIG ROUND BUNCH of flowers...

I'm like "FLOWERS?!?!??!?!?!"

My uncle was like "you're scared of flowers?" in canto

I'm like..."there's flowers..." at the same time struggling to lift the flowers....but my grandpa already got a hold of it and lifted it up already and I was just helping him support the base....avoiding the flowers...

The whole time he was just yelling at me "USELESS!" , "CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE EVEN SCARED OF FLOWERS!"...and blah blah

pretty sad...I immediately washed my hands with lots of soap when we got into the house. My grandma and my relatives were just laughing at me.

The flowers are very beautiful.

Later on...I found out that he(grandpa) actually won that ball of flowers because his birthday was the closest to today's date. I have to make yeye a card's on wednesday...

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebrating Father's Day

Miraculously, I woke up at 9:00 on a SATURDAY.
alala...get ready...lalala

Drop Mangas off at Ashlyn's house.
Then, pick up stuff at Van's house.

Straight to Uncle Frank's house to celebrate Father's Day[1 day early].
Who was there? Yeye,Mama,Daddy,Me,Uncle Frank,Auntie Laura,Auntie Jane,Tracy,Janna,Leilani,Halie.

The Dim Sums was delicious!!
After lunch, me+Lani+Halie went upstairs to play Egyptian Ratscrew[I won] & Last Word(so fun!)
In the middle, we had cake.
Continued the game after eating the cake.

-Oh! And I was supposed to watch Kung Fu Panda with Auntie Betty around this time...but I was having so much fun, I decided to stay and call her up to tell her to watch without me-

Then, we played Life[spongebob version][I won]. And we found out everyone left already and we didn't hear them at all. We were too busy playing. I felt really bad I didn't say bye to everyone. =[

Afterwards, we headed downstairs to play Wii...Super Mario Cart and other games...
ALL I EVER DID WAS LOSE. Nothing else. I always fly off the screen or fall off the stage or get kicked into the air or somehow self-destruct or get punched/cooked and DIE! That tells me how much I suck in video games. But I was also keeping myself busy with food. So I was actually okay with dying...since I get to eat.

Then, Lani had to leave for Volleyball game. So only ME & HALIE are left.

We played more Wii games(super mario) and suddenly decided to make Deviled Eggs.
Here comes the funny part!Just thinking about it makes me crack up!

So we went to the kitchen and got to work!

Halie filled the pot with water and got the eggs and asked me: "Are we supposed to put the eggs in the water right now? or wait until it boils?"

I just answered: "until it boils.." because usually you put in stuff when the water boils...

So we waited for the water to boil and put the eggs in.

Then, Halie went to check on the eggs. -by the way we're in the house alone-

And then came: "EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"WHAT HAPPENED!??!" That freaked me out cuz she was screaming "EW" the whole time.


And when I leaned over the pot to see what she was screaming about....



And I broke down laughing like a crazy maniac and she was laughing like crazy too!

Then I got the urge to go pee....I'm like I GOTTA GO BATHROOM!! She's like I GOTTA GO TOO!!! -We stared at each other- And we both ran for it...down the stairs...I just kept screaming/laughing "I'M GOING FIRST!!!!" I hear "NO!!!!" behind me....

I slapped the door and went pee....and remembered the fire was still I was like "TURN THE FIRE OFF!!!"

Then she came back. And I totallly forgot she needed to go pee and I was taking pictures in the bathroom cuz it was so pretty....and when I came out...

"What took you so long?" - she eyed my phone- "YOU WERE TAKING PICTURES?!?!"

^____^ she went to do her business...

So we turned the fire back on and continued to boil the eggs for 9 minutes.

At one point, we checked on the eggs again.......

Halie: "THEY GOT FLABBIER!!!!!!"
We were laughing like maniacs again.

Skip all the laughing and other things. The eggs were finally done. And we put them in ice water to cool it down. Then we started to cut them and take the yoke out to make Deviled Eggs.


When I tried to cut the eggs...both my hands would just start shaking and I'm just standing there laughing like Halie had to cut them...she's so much more capable than me...

I went so crazy my bracelet got stuck to my beanie. I look mutated just like the eggs.

Took some time with the eggs...and I stuffed the eggs.

Believe it or not....they still taste really good!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of School

Got to school at 7:30.

1st period was so lonely without the seniors. No one to talk to. C...

2nd period: Slap Jack(with Judy & the guys & everyone just crowded over us). Keep injuring myself. A!

3rd period: Big 2(with Nhi,Jason,Steven). Egyptian Ratscrew(with Victor,Jason,girl[dunno her]) A!!! I couldn't even believe it! It was so unexpected..the A.

4th period: Support Yvonne! A!

5th period: Take pictures. Egyptian Ratscrew(with Keiko,Kelly,Lydia). Big 2(with Keiko,Kelly,Lydia,Bobby,Amy). Pictures again. B...

6th period: Talk. Take pictures with Kate. Laughing at Illa. More pictures. A!

Afterschool [11:15] - walked to Jessica's house, then Van's house. Waited there until...

[12:40] : Ying comes to see us!!! She was so happy to see us that she teared up(1/2 jk).

Lunch: M. Japanese Restaurant. Took pictures. We ordered different sushis. Not very filling since we don't want to drain our money. The dishes were very pretty though!

Cue! : Pictures with Ying,Van,Jessica,Emily!

[3:00] : Daddy picked me up. They went to eat dessert at Pa Pa Walk to fill their stomach.

Home: ZzZzZzZzz...

[9:00]: Went to Auntie Betty's house to wait for her to shower & change. Her dog is SOO ADORABLE&CUTE. Watched TV in the meantime.

[9:15]: Betty drove me & her dog to take a walk at Pasadena.
Everyone looked at the dog. Seriously. EVERYONE. And EVERY STORE we went into, people talk to us because of Meiji(her name). Meiji is sooo cute and everyone pets her at every single store..even on the street! She's sooo popular! She's very lively and loves running in tiny circles.

[11:30]: Home. Right Here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do I look that mature?

I've been mistaken for a senior a several times...

"You're a senior right?"
"Oh I thought you were a senior the whole time."

"Did you come to school yesterday?"
"Of course!Why would I skip school?"
"......wait,you're not a senior?"
" *blink* *blink* "

These are the two I actually remember.
ha. ha.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Damn. Why do I have to be so emotional?sensitive?
It seems that everytime I break down, I call her.
Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so honest.
Really. I just say everything out loud that comes to mind.
I never keep the feelings to myself only. Why...
Some people can do it perfectly. What about me?
I want some of it to myself too.

"I'll be waiting for you here until August."

"Why do you make it sound like I won't make it?"

"*laughter* You just made me laugh. haha."

"hahaha...what's so funny?"
Was I so happy to recieve the chocolates that I actually started to naku?
Or was it just my overwhelming emotions taking over?
What is the real reason?

First Kiss

People who actually pay attention to titles were probably shocked and mistaken.

What I meant to say is:

Drama of the Month: First Kiss


"You're so obvious doctor. If you're a doctor, you need to get better at lying. There will be times when you can't do anything. You can't exactly say 'I can't cure you'."


"How about I teach you how to lie?"


"You have to imagine you're telling the truth. You have to decieve yourself. That's the trick."

*nodds* "Thanks. I'll remember that."

"Okay. Try lying."


"Anything. Doesn't matter."

"I am..... an alien." <---Boku wa uchyujin desu. *straightforward tone*

*chuckles* " I can't see it. Well, this is how you lie...

It seems that I have fallen for you...(doctor puts on a serious face & gulps)
What is it...I wonder...until now, I've met a lot of doctors...
But I haven't fallen for any of them.
Ever since I met you, I was somehow interested.
All of a sudden, I wanted to see you.
I came to the hospital over and over.
That's why...when you said that you needed to maintain a doctor-patient separation(clear border), I was very lonely.
But...when you said that, I relaized that I really like you."

*exchange stares*
*doctor leaves room with a pained expression*

Monday, June 9, 2008


Eating: eel rice

Let's see.. besides eel and rice topped with bonito flakes, there's sliced eggs,mini salad, and seaweed. So good. I feel bad for my dad though, because he lined up for 45 minutes for this. He went at a bad time, they just barely started cooking the rice. While he was waiting for the order, I was waiting at school.

I was gonna take a picture of it until I realized I've eaten most of it. It won't be a pretty picture ^^".

Home alone. Daddy went to eat lunch with his friends. Mama&Yeye went to see them(relatives) off at the airport. Feels soo good being home alone.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Someone asked my dad: So how old are you now?

Him: I'm turning 39 *laughs*

Me: So dad, how old are you really?

Him: I'm 53.

This just shows...
He tells me the truth. He tells other people lies. HAHA!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here I go again

Turning into: SLOTH
Addicted to: Food, Desserts
Word I tend to scream out under my breath: Mukyaaaaaaa!!

100% Perfect Girl
Let me tell you, this story has SO MUCH DRAMA! It gets crazier and crazier. It's really good. I highly recommend it! It's so twisted that I don't know how to describe it in good words.

Honey Hunt
This girl has an "actress" mom and a "famous composer" father. She's plain and gets gossiped about at school. I guess people expect her to be really pretty. She secretly likes her neighbor. He is like her tutor. By the way her mom is such a bitch. Let me quote her: "Make sure you never say anything unnecessary like that in public, yura." Yura gets abandoned by her parents because they get divorced and the mom sells the house so she's staying at a hotel for a bit. Then here comes my favorite part...she ditches the hotel and the manager guy(supposedly taking care of her) and at the elevator meets Q-TA!!!WAII!!!!HE'S CUUTE!! He helps her close the elevator door to escape from people chasing after her. okay..blah blah the way her father is pretty bad too..getting caught with some woman.
Then she gets home and finds her mom making out with her crush, the neighbor. like WTF RIGHT?!?! and WHATS she stands there shocked...her mother is just smiling, telling the guy "oh we've been caught"...still smiling...and then she says stuff to her that makes it worse like "he told me he liked me alot better than you" NICE MOM RIGHT???>__>...Heh.
She gets out of the house finding all the paparazzi and reporters there. and with all kinds of questions thrown at her... IN front of the camera she starts tearing up and saying : They have nothing to do with me. ... It would be better off if people like them BURN IN HELL. The manager,Q-Ta, and Q-Ta's brother is watching this on TV.. THEN Q-TA FINDS OUT HER IDENTITY: "the girl from the elevator is...onozuka-san's(her father) daughter..."

That was the first chapter...I couldn't help but describe some of the scenes...


Why so many June birthdays?!

My cousin and her parents just arrived on FRi. The reason is that we have a party for June Birthdays tonight, which just ended. She brought her dog(yorky?) along so we had a dog in our house for a couple days...they leave tomorrow. I took some video of can stand for a loong time. He is very active and jumps on people, but thank goodness it's small so you don't get knocked over. When you have food, he'll follow you everywhere even though she feeds him.

We just celebrated 3rd auntie(turning 92), my grandpa(dunno?), my dad(turning 53 tmrrow), and Auntie Janet(dunno?). Good thing it wasn't super I just wore some dress with leggings.. the dress code was supposed to be "smart casual". The food is same old chinese dishes >___>
same old people...just missing some other people

In the middle, people started singing karaoke. THEN, THEY'RE LIKE "OKAY!3RD GENERATION GIRLS COME UP AND SING!" We're like wtff...hell nooo...

Thank goodness my dad asked me to leave with him early(9:00) to study for finals..
yay! DINNER ESCAPE! we're the first ones to leave too!

TOMORROW: MATH FINAL (can't really study for it...its what you basically know)
MANDARIN FINAL (read the chapters once...)

YES!!WE GET OFF AT 11:40!!!!!

I haven't posted for so long...and when I do finally's this boring..haha