Wednesday, April 11, 2012

11 Things Tag from Jace

Thank you Jace for tagging me! This is going to be the first tag ever for me! Weeee....

-Post 11 random facts about yourself
-Answer 11 questions that the tagger asked
-Tag another 11 and ask them 11 questions that they are supposed to answer
-Inform them that you have tagged them
-NO TAGS BACK! <--I shall break this rule!

My 11 Facts

 1. I am absolutely obsessed with a Sanrio character named My Melody. She's a cute bunny with a hood!
I've been obsessed with her since I was very little. See the slippers up there? I use the exact pair right now. I have many things My Melody, including bed, towels, etc. 
2. I can eat more than you think I do. I have an obsession with good food. When I taste something really good, the rest of it will be gone before you know it. I tend to be a bit selfish when it comes to food.
3. I have a sweet tooth! That means I love sweet things, like candy, ice cream, cake, lalala. I love ice cream! Due to my sensitive teeth, I put the ice cream on my tongue and let it melt on there to avoid my teeth sinking into it, though sometimes it still hurts. I think I'm getting used to the stinging pain though. I love love love love desserts!
4. I don't drink soda, especially not coke. Have you heard about how a tooth was put into a cup of coke, and about 10 weeks later, the tooth completely dissolved? Imagine what it can do to your stomach, it's just bad for you. I usually go with water whenever I go out to eat. 
5. I am allergic to a few kinds of melons, like cantelope and honeydew. My throat and mouth (basically my oral cavity) would get so irritated you even can't imagine. I am not allergic to watermelon or wintermelon though thank goodness. I am also allergic to eggplants :( even though I like them. 
6. This is my lucky number. No, I should say this is MY number. Six. Perhaps it's fate.
7. I am very sensitive, whether it is words, sounds, taste... my feelings can get hurt easily when you say something mean. I guess I'm a true pisces. 
8. I collect a lot of things, from stickers to gift bags to snack boxes, which explains why I have so much stuff in my room. I feel like there's use to everything, and it's a waste to throw them away. If I buy something from a store, I know I can reuse the bag and I'm sure a lot of girls do the same. For snack boxes, I feel like I can store tiny things in them, like paperclips. 
9. I am from Hong Kong, and I go back to visit my family every summer( not this summer though). I used to get to sit next to girls on the plane, but now it's all smelly fat men, bleh what even watched me eat my meals which was very disturbing.
10. I wish there was a barrier around me about 100 ft that blocks insects from entering because I am very terrified of insects. They creep me out, especially cockroaches! I wish cockroaches could just become extinct.
11. I am attracted to minty flavors, whether it's drinks, aroma, or food. 

That was long~ moving on..

Jace's Questions
♥1. What is your favourite colour and why? I love all the colors, but my absolute favorite would have to be light gray! It's a very soothing color that relaxes the mind. It's also not extreme, not black, not white, it's just right.
♥2. Who inspires you the most in fashion? G-Dragon!! I know it doesn't look like he inspires me, but he really does. Sadly, all the brands he wears are so expensive I could never afford them. I was so influenced by him that one time, I went to the barber shop and showed him G-Dragon's picture(from Heartbreaker days) and told him I wanted platinum blond hair. The guy said he doesn't think I should get platinum blonde, giving me all these reasons, so I didn't get it in the end.
♥3. What is one dream that you wish that you can achieve but you can't? Having the ability to teleport and travel the entire world without having to pay! OR no bugs around me.
♥4. What do you think about the fashion in your country? My country is so huge, so it really depends on which area. I think there's always someone from each place in the world that has really awesome fashion.
♥5. If you could choose any hair colour to born with, what colour do you wish to have? I'd stick with black, it matches me the most..unless I have really pale skin...then I would choose some pastel color.
♥6. What is the most favourite and least favourite body/face feature of you, why? My favorite is my ears, they're so small and cute haha. My least favorite is my skin because it's not smooth like most asian girls'    ♥7. Do you satisfy with your body shape? Why? I'm starting to be more satisfied, more than before....Since I'm overly skinny, I've heard many insults in my life (hey skinny & fat are on the same boat). But now, it's like....who cares, I should be happy with the way I am, it's my body, somebody's gotta love it.
♥8. What is the most precious thing that you can't live without? Why? Love... I simply cannot imagine a world without love.
♥9. What is the dumbest thing you have ever done? I did so many dumb things in my life that I can't even count them. I can't think of one at the top of my head right now..too many.
♥10. If you could date anyone, real or fictional, who would you choose? I am very happy with my current boyfriend, so I wouldn't choose anyone else ^^
♥11. If you could choose any eye colour to born with, what colour do you wish to have? Gray! It'd look so cool!

My Questions for You!
1. Do you have a special talent? If so, what is it & how did you discover it?
2. Can you cook? If so, what's the most delicious dish you can make? Show a picture if you have one.
3. What is your worst fear?
4. If you can be a character in any story, who would it be(and what story) and why?
5. What is something about you that most people around you don't know about?
6. Is there anything you'd like to change about yourself (physically or mentally)? If there is, what would it be?
7. What is the most memorable dream (good or bad) that you've had in your sleep?
8. Is there a dish you've never had before and that you'd like to try? If there is, what is it? If not, what's your favorite dish?
9. What's something people do that gets on your nerves?
10. What is the biggest lesson you learned in your life?
11. What is something your loved one(family or lover) can do that can make you really happy?

I Tag...........
2. Jace
3. Ariane
5. Kasui
6. Nana
7. Banny
8. Emi
10. Kari
11. Misa

Anyone who is not tagged, feel free to do the tag anyway! I'd love to read your answers!


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    1. Cool! Six is awesome! Is your blog shut down? It's not accessible anymore. You should do the tag too if you'd like.

  2. thank you for tagging me x3 it's the first time for me to be tagged to :'DD
    Done it.♥

    1. Yay~! Thanks for doing the tag because I don't think a lot of people will take time to actually do it.

  3. haha~ i did mine

    i hate insects too
    I'm afraid of beatles@@

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the questions! I enjoyed reading it! I think insects with wings make it worse...imagine flying beetles..

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  9. Great post. I am a collector too. Either that or a hoarder. I keep a lot of stuff yet my house is some how really clean.
    great post.

    1. Awesome! But how do you go about keeping it clean o.o? That's amazing.

  10. I really love all Sanrio characters, too!! Apart from HK (of course), Mimmy and My Melody are also so cute!! :) :)
    Laura Mint

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    1. :) There's only My Melody for me though :)

  11. ahhhhhhhhh your blog is too cute and so KAWAII!


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