There are so many places I want to visit and I shall list them here. They are not in any specific order.

-Stonehenge in Wilshire, England
-Great Pyramid of Giza in El Giza, Egypt
-Machu Picchu in Peru
-Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina
-Colosseum in Rome, Italy
-Mount Fuji in Japan
-Angkor, Cambodia
-Petra Jordan
-Easter Island, Chile
-Venice, Italy
-Acropolis of Athens, Greece
-Kingsley Lake, Florida [known for its perfectly circular shape and clear water]
-Yosemite National Park
-Yellowstone National Park
-Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky
-Great Blue Hole, Belize [when I learn how to swim and dive]
-Rhine Valley's crazy staircase in Duisburg, Germany
-Heaven's Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie City, China 
-Cedar Creek Treehouse “Stairway to Heaven" in Mount Rainier, WA
-16th Avenue Mosaic Staircase in San Francisco, CA
-Tulip Stairs, Greenwich, England
-The Gray, Milan, Italy
-Tobago, Caribbean
-Mnemba Island, Tanzania
-Molokai, Hawaii
-Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia
-Kefalonia, Greece
-Sanrio Puroland, Japan
....just take me around the globe

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  1. What about Greece and Croatia? They have pretty places and lakes!


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