Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanks to my dad for the Mango Mochi

Yesterday afternoon..
I just came out of the bathroom. My dad yelled from the kitchen,
"Where's the Mochi I got? You hid it??"
"I. bought it! And yes I hid it."
"Where? Oh never mind. I found it." *Evil Laugh*
"Geez I just want ONE. I'll buy you another one tomorrow."
"Buy the MANGO mochi!!"
"No..I'm going to buy green tea!"
"WHY? Why not mango??"
"You didn't even buy mango. This is green tea. Look." *shows me the green tea mochi I bought*
I bought two boxes. I'm glad he found the green tea one cuz I like the Mango one better.
"Oh. But I did get mango. Just get Mango!!!!!!I like Mango!"
"Then why would you have green tea here? "
"Just get mango!!"

Next day(today) afternoon...
He comes into my room and announces that he bought mango mochi and some sushi..
"I'm going to eat the sushi now. You hungry?"
"Let's go eat then."
In the hallway...
he whispers, "We'll eat them before they come out",making the "shh" sign. Omg, he's so childish. The mahjong guests playing mahjong are not interested in your sushi =_=.
In the kitchen...
He goes, "Kay. We're splitting this."
"Okay. I like salmon" I ended up eating more salmon and he ate more "some red fish".

And later on at night....
He comes into my room and announces that he will eat one mango mochi.
I gave him a horrified face.
"What?!?! I can't even eat one mochi that I bought myself?!?!"
"I didn't say anything."
"You can't eat it cuz you have your period right??"
"I don't care! I'm eating them!"
"DON'T eat them all!! Just eat one a day!"

He's just like a kid. Sometimes, it's funny.

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  1. LOL I love how you guys always argue over food XD


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