Monday, April 23, 2012

Bottega Louie

Macarons from Bottega Louie
 It's been a while. I meant to do this post a while ago because we came here a while ago. But, better late than never. I remember we were stuck in downtown LA, not knowing where to go to eat. There were just so many options. Then, it hit him that his friend told him he should try this place called Bottega Louie. We headed for Bottega Louie. There was valet parking, which means you have to pay fees. It was six dollars. The moment we
entered Bottega Louie, we were greeted with stacks of macarons and fancy looking pastries. We were too hungry to check those out; we needed real food! There was a guy behind a table right in the center of the place before you can actually enter where the seats are. He asked us to sign the guest book(really big and fancy), which reminded me of what you do at weddings. After I gave him my name, he seated us in a far inner corner in the restaurant near the restrooms.The atmosphere was very noisy, and we could barely hear each other talk. I saw a lot of people in their business suits, so I'm assuming many people come here during work break.


 This is the first thing you see when you enter the place. A macaron tree!! Or cone...
His friend recommended him the Mushroom Fries, which was not on the menu. Maybe it's a secret appetizer? I liked it very much, but I love mushrooms so maybe I'm biased. 

I wanna go back there just to eat the Mushroom Fries! I seriously think it was the best thing I ate there! Haha!

We shared an onion soup. I forgot the actual name, but it was basically just french onion soup. I think my uncle can make it better.

Forget about the bread. They were rock hard, I could throw them at people's heads and they could get injured.

He ordered pasta with shrimp and tomatoes. It was alright to me. 

I ordered Tuna Tar Tar, which came with olives and cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and some sauce. It looked very little, but it was actually just right and pretty filling(after all the mushroom fries). I find the tuna so so...because most parts, I could barely chew. I think it was the white part that made it difficult to tear it apart. I've definitely tasted better tuna tar tar...I probably should have ordered something else.

The chocolate Souffle was excellent. It was cookie-textured on the outside and moistly soft on the inside. It was very well made.

He's never had souffle before, so I let him have the honor to poke the souffle open and pour in the creamy sauce(I don't remember what kind).

You can see it filling up!! I'm craving for some dessert now...

I told him I would be soooo happy if he could buy me one of each of all those pastries...Mmmm... but I know that's not possible at the moment =_= If I was rich, I would buy one of each!

I want that Creme Brulee!!

Can you see the guy surrounded by a bunch of ladies? That's where you sign the guest book, and he takes you to your seat. The waiter was really tall.

Rows and rows of macarons!! This, I can have one of each!I knew I could not leave this place without something, so I got 13 different flavored macarons. He ordered them for me while I was standing there staring at the macarons. Hahaha talk about fast and someone who understands me :)

The packaging is so cute I saved it!

Love love love the cute packaging!

There were 14 flavors, and I just got 13 since the box can only fit so many. I noticed that the prettier the color, the worse it tastes. The one I liked the most was the one with the dark chocolate filling, I just don't remember which color...I think it was a red one. I know the light blue is Earl Gray and the green one was Macha, and the coffee color one is Cappuccino? That one taste pretty decent. The macarons were okay...some of them remind me of starbursts. He hated it, maybe because I let him try the wrong flavors XD I like sweet things, so I'm okay with it. I love the pretty colors though.


  1. All the food looks delicious!

  2. I can't believe I've never heard of this place! Time for me to make a trip up to LA! Mmmm creme brulee and macarons!

    1. Yes yes! There are so many places to eat in LA though! I don't know if the creme brulee is good though. It looks good!

  3. Look at those pastel colors *o* It looks sooo yummy! *drools*

    1. :D but not all of them were as yummy as they look..

  4. Ooooh I should totally stop by here in downtown LA...these look delish, and I love the colors! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Your blog is lovely! :)

  5. I don't know whether to eat them or decorate my bedroom with them lol ^_^

  6. ohh i love macarons <3

  7. Oh my, macarons heaven!
    I love to eat macarons!

    Stéph❀nie's Notebook

  8. I wish australia had a shop like this! So jealous!

  9. I've never tried macarons before and they seem to be a big thing in asian right now haha! They look so yummy! First time I saw them I thought they were the colored Krabby Patties from Spongebob! ^__^

  10. Oh Macorons my love !

  11. Those macarons look really pretty, would love to try them one day x3


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