Friday, November 2, 2007

Minimum Day!

I ate at Pa Pa Walk with Angel, Van, Jessica, Jenny, and Emily! Omg, I ate so much! Stuffed! As for dessert, we ate this...

haha! Then, we went to take cue pix! Wee! So fun! We only took one machine though, WHICH took us hours just to get the pictures out. >_>.
Wah!!I have to take Mandarin SAT tomorrow morning. Don't wanna.
Going to Garfield High since San Marino High is full.
I didn't study Chinese at all. I just hope I don't do bad in the listening part of the test.-----
*sings*"Boku tachi no mirai wa.........."
okay. that was random.
OMG! I can't believe I skipped SO MANY months! NOO!
I was planning to write here at least once a month too!
Oh wells...can't help it. I get too lazy sometimes.
Wish myself luck on tomorrow's test.

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