Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Long Time No Post

The title says it all. I needed to fill in the gap before it gets bigger. Let's see... some updates:

I sent in 3 csu applications not too long ago.
My new phone model is G900. It's too bad I can't find any nice themes for this model.
I haven't watched anime for 3 months.
I have been catching up on my manga every few days or so.
^manga > anime^
I'm waiting for my hair to grow out.
Calculus is driving me crazy.
I bought more stickers to add to my collection.
I just got my very own Shinshi Doumei Cross ARTBOOK!
California is plunging into a shitloaded toilet.
I need to take the driving test(WRITTEN).
I'm feeling older & older... and still immature.
I need to talk to the counselor as soon as possible.
I learned a new word: necrophiliac; one who has erotic attraction to corpses
I'm getting sleepy more and more often.
I need to sleep. My English is so elementary school. I need to read more.

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