Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been too lazy to post anything lately...=.=

My mind is spinning like crazy...
thinking about future+major+minor+college+ future+money+anesthesiologist+$$$+food+mommy+daddy+lots lots lots!

雅-miyavi-様's music calms me down... haaaaaaaaah~~~
Regarding the recent news about Miyavi...just wish them happiness. They really match. They have the same dreams... I just wish that he won't stress about it too much(well, it's hard in his situation right now). I'm still going to get his POSTERS+ALBUMS+hopefully his movie when I get to Asia~! Hopefully a HUMAN-sized one so it can take up the whole wall. hm.

My blog is so boring these days...I miss those days when I can actually read them over and over and laugh to myself. I'm pyscho. Lalala.

I hope I don't get that stupid April Fool's worm in my laptop!

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