Monday, May 30, 2011

A Dream

Wow long time no post.
I'm sooo dead tired from studying for finals right now, but I decided to post anyway.
I had a very interesting dream this morning that I'd like to share. It's more like the last dream out of several dreams that I dreamed last night(technically, yesterday morning). So I'm not sure how it exactly began...oh! And another thing to note is I've been dreaming about my bf every single night, yup! not missing one night. Well, either that or he just appears in my dream as an "extra" character. Crazy huh? He does too, but unlike me, he doesn't he remember his dreams most of the time; whenever he does remember though, I'm in it.

It was nighttime. The sky was dark, it felt like 9pm at night. He was driving on the freeway with me next to him. We were arguing in the car about how I'm so dependent on other people, that I should become more independent(like driving my own car). I was firm on my stand and kept giving reasons to him that there's no way for me to be independent(like I have no money to buy a car). We argued for a good fifteen minutes until we arrived at our destination. It was our first time there. We came to have Japanese cuisine for dinner. It was a huge mansion, not your typical mansion though. The whole structure was just very unique that it's indescribable. And there was a line just to get to the entrance.Well, there are actually many entrances and there were different lines. There were many workers outside the mansion/restaurant sorting people to get in through different kinds of entrances. There were entrances on every level. I'm not sure how many levels the mansion had, but there were more than 6. We were part of this line to get in one of those entrances. The only lights were torches along the lines, so imagine how dark it is. We kept moving along the line until this guy told us to come over. I think it was our turn to enter the restaurant. He asked us to stand in front of this long(about 100 feet+) wooden plank. We did as we were told.Then he told us to grab the handle at the very end of that wooden plank. Then, "Ready?" We didn't know what was coming but we nodded anyway. The guy pulled this trigger/handle somewhere on the other side, and then we went straight up into the sky. It was exhilarating. My heart was beating fast. The speed wasn't too fast. But I looked down and I saw the torches and the lines of people getting smaller and smaller every second. At the same time, we passed many other lower wooden planks that were also rising up like us. I looked to my left, where he was, and I was like, Omg, what is this??What is going on?? And he was just shocked too. But we were both enjoying the sight. So basically, the super long plank was horizontally placed on the ground, and we were at the left end of it. The plank went up at a 90 degree angle, which means the other side doesn't go up. It lasted about 30 seconds. and we were greeted by several waitresses & waiters at the entrance on the 5 or 6th floor. And there was a platform jutting out from the entrance for us to get off the plank. We were told by those people to let go and fall into this platform. I was surprised my butt didn't hurt when I fell. Then we went inside the restaurant. It was very dim inside. We were led to a room that serves 3 groups of people. And we were one of them. The other ones were empty. And for some unknown reason, my dad showed up with some girl who I don't know and forcefully joined us for dinner just when we got seated. I was kind of pissed because it was "our" time, why is he here?! In the room, there are around 4 waiters/waitresses at the door of our room to serve us, they were sitting on the floor. My dad started making racist comments that weren't nice ; and one of the waiters was that "race" and i was so embarassed of my dad and I kept asking my bf, "why is he here?!?!" "I don't know" I told my dad to shut up about those comments he was making. But he didnt' listen to me and kept talking. I looked at the guy's face and could tell from his expression that he was offended by my dad. I was so mad I started crying and my bf saw me and said you're crying? and i woke up with watery eyes.
the dream before this one was actually part nightmare with 3 monsters chasing after me. But I won't talk about it since I have not much energy left.

I have finals on Tuesday(Japanese), Wednesday(Calc 3), Thursday(Art & physics). Ugh......

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