Monday, June 25, 2012

626 Asian Night Market

Lack of posts lately, I know! I've been soooooooo busy with school and other things. I wanted to do a post on something that happened a while ago ( yes, over a month or more). If you live in LA, you might have heard about it before, or even participated. There was an event called 626 Asian Night Market, which basically tries to mimic the night markets in Asia, like in Taiwan or Hong Kong. There are supposed to be food vendors along a big street..but this one seemed to be quite small compared to the ones in Asia, due to the fact that the planners didn't foresee the CRAZY amount of people going there. There was a huge hype about it thanks to the power of media. 

As you can see in the following, we were stuck in traffic, and we weren't even in the city that was holding this event...we were in the neighboring city. It normally takes 20 minutes to get there, but it took a little over 2 hours....imagine the crowd that was waiting there. See the traffic light turning green? We're still not moving.

Oh, look the light turned yellow! But, only ONE car got to cross! Actually, it might have been just stuck in the middle of the intersection...

And it's now red! But what?!?! There are still three cars in front of us! What's going on?!

Just look at the massive amount of people trying to cross the street.... never seen anything like it here in LA! They successfully made it look like the crowds crossing streets in H.K.! Haha...except worse.

We crossed the street with people squished on all four sides.

You can get a glimpse of the people making takoyaki at the Takoyaki vendor! If you were not by the edge, you wouldn't be able to see it at all!


Everyone wanted Takoyaki...I did too.

Except...I didn't get my takoyaki in the boyfriend got impatient and frustrated. He told me it isn't worth it.

We basically lined up for about 45 minutes, and we didn't even come close to the head of the line...but I did see the Takoyaki sign get bigger...and I didn't want to give up..but I agreed to leave.

After taking some pictures of the people making takoyaki...

We fought our way out of the insane crowd!! Bye takoyaki~~ I didn't get to eat you!

After we walked around the whole market, we discovered that every vendor had the sign: "sold out". The only food that weren't sold out were the stuff that didn't look too appetizing. So we gave up on that, and walked a few blocks down the street and hunted for some decent food....and we came across this sushi place, oh I forgot the name of it...I'll try to remember it later..

We started out with Onion Fries~as appetizers.. needless to say, WE WERE STARVING! It was at about 11pm that we had our first bite of food!

Crunchy Shrimp Cut Roll~~

I think this was lobster was REALLY GOOD. I think even if I wasn't starving...this would still taste pretty good, I'll have to come back here and try again.

Scallop was good too!

If you yelp the 626 Asian Night Market and read all the comments, you can get an idea of how frustrated people was madness at the market.


  1. wow, ang ganda naman ng kuha mo! AMAZING :)

  2. woah the street market looks amazing, so cute they do that! gutted you didn't get to have the takoyaki. :( lets hope they have another one soon!

    1. Yes! You rarely see so many asians in one place!

    2. Asian domination! Hehe, I really want to visit the chinatown in NY, my cousin said everyone speaks Chinese there and there's even a Chinese McDonald's! How ace right? Even tho I'm not really a maccy d's fan!

    3. You're from NY? I thought you were in UK? Anyway, you should visit! Sounds like fun...and you can practice your Chinese haha

  3. That Asian Night Market sounds like it would have been a lot of fun if there hadn't been so much traffic and so many people (two things I hate the most: being stuck in traffic and being crowded in). But at least you got a chance to eat at a good restaurant.

    1. I know! You would have hated to be there being squished by thousands of people! All the restaurants in the area had really good business thanks to this event!


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