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Taiwan: Ferris Wheel on Dream Mall

Summer passed by so quickly, and I've been so so so busy with school and trips! One of the places I went to during my summer vacation was Taiwan!! Yay!! I am so lucky to have the trip fit perfectly between summer school and beginning of Fall semester! I'm actually very busy with school, so posting this took a while... Back to Taiwan~ I went to so many places, ate so much food(no luck with gaining weight, but oh wells), saw so many things, took so many pictures! I can't possibly fit everything in one post.

One of the things I'd like to share is my experience at the Dream Mall in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It's the biggest mall in Taiwan, and even East Asia! I was super excited to go! When I later found out that the Ferris wheel on top of the mall featured My Melody, I went totally nuts!! I could never pass over this opportunity being a My Melody fan. Not only does the mall have a Ferris wheel on top, but they also had Sanrio characters as a theme!! Super awesome!

I was super thrilled to be on the ferris wheel...main reason being My Melody more than the fact that it's situated on top of a mall. I guess the point of having the ferris wheel on top of the mall was to overlook the skyline of the city, so even if you weren't at the very top, you can have quite a nice view. It was a tiny bit shaky as me and my cousin switched places to take pictures of each other, but that's normal. We tried to take pictures of the two of us, stacking our bags, but we failed :( I enjoyed every moment of being on this ferris wheel!! I want to come here with my boyfriend now~~

A little heads up~this post is bombarded with photos! Anyway, this is one of the best parts of being in Taiwan for me... but let's rewind-----back to when I entered the mall....

There were many levels, each level had its own category along with restaurants so you don't starve looking for food.
I actually had limited amount of money at the time, so I couldn't do much shopping TT_TT Boo!
I wish I had a cool picture of the entire mall with the ferris wheel on it, but you can google it, and there'll be lots of nice pictures!

I am in love with stationaries! I was so attached to this store, I was in it for two hours!

I really had the urge to just get 6 different tapes!! But I was moneyless, so I couldn't! I want to go back there to get them now!

There was a sale at this store, so all the ladies were crowding around the 80% off section. I went to take a look too, but they were mostly extra large :/

One Piece T-shirts! Thought that was cool!

 Pork Jerkies? Unlike the ones you usually eat, these are nice and crispy, almost like chips. So good!

 This is the store that sells it... they come in different almond,spicy,black pepper, and more.

They are packaged like this~resealable! The sample boxes each had a different flavor, and I tried them all and found out that I liked black pepper the best!

~Food Court~
They also have this super cute donut store, and this cute little lion is its mascot! I actually got to try their donuts later on towards the end of the trip thanks to my cousins who bought a box to share with everyone. They have the usual chocolate, original...but they also have macha flavor! And strawberry! And I'm sure there are more that I forgot! So I tried the chocolate one, and I must say it was pretty good, and the texture was kind of chewy-the good kind of chewy.

I'm standing next to the mascot of 7-11! I think his name is Open. That is because 7-11 is open 24/7. I see him everywhere!!

There were so many choices at the food court, but we finally settled for something more fitting to the place we are in, southern Taiwanese food ( I love noodles!!!).

A glimpse of the food court.

I still cannot believe this is worth USD$4!!! We shared it, so that means each of us eats $2! This is beyond cheap!! I love Taiwan, let me go back! We had to save our stomach to try other foods...there were so many places to go get food.

I love the bakeries in Taiwan! They have a variety of breads to choose from! Not only are they delicious, but they are very cheap! I took a lot of pictures in the bakery, and did I mention people in Taiwan(especially southern part) are very nice and polite? They are probably influenced by Japan. When I was taking pictures, people would stop and wait til I'm done before getting their bread or passing through. When I ask people questions, they respond kindly and give a lot of useful and helpful information! I sort of didn't know what a certain type of bread was, so I asked a random lady, and she gave me so much detail!

This piggy bank cake is absolutely adorable!!

I love sausage buns! I always get them in Hong Kong, but these are mini versions, so cute! One of these is only USD$0.27!
I really wanted to try every single bread, but like I said earlier, I was low on money. I was saving it for dessert.
This is called Black Beauty. I thought the name was funny, and I've never seen a black bread before...I wonder how it tastes like. I'll be back one day to find out!

Those are actually my cousin's bread, but just for picture purposes :) Though I actually did try some of hers.

 This is right outside the bakery, a sushi restaurant is nearby with a cute mascot! They have these all over the mall, and I tried my best to get every single of them! I walked for so many hours, so sneakers are definitely a must for me.

~Ferris Wheel~

This is just one of the many light variations.

I purchased my ticket for NT120 since I brought my student ID card with me, so I can get a discount! There are a lot of discounts on tickets for many places in Taiwan. Normally it would cost NT150, as seen here. NT120 is around USD $4.  Of course, little kids and seniors get discount too.


My Melody!

 They went all out to decorate the inside of one of the Hello Kitty wheels!

This is a normal HK wheel without the decorations.

I had to wait about 10 minutes for the My Melody one.

In the Ferris Wheel, My Melody's bunny ears on the outside are visible.

It's not a very great picture, but you can still see the night light clearly.

~In Search of Dessert~
There is a cute cafe called BOG, where we planned to have dessert.....

Unfortunately, they are limited, and were sold out in the afternoon... bummer!

I always go in a Sasa when I see one. They're everywhere.

A Doraemon Store!! Wow, my first time seeing one! Seeing how awesome Taiwan is, I think I will go even crazier when I go to Japan.

Stacked ice cream cones!! Pretty neat...

Macarons are very popular here as well.

And dessert!! I actually got seconds because I shared the first one with my cousin. I could eat 5 more, but it was getting late...
This is a handmade pudding! The ladies who worked at this store are so nice! Anyway, we returned the glass bottles after we were finished.

I just want to eat them all!!!

My second serving :) This is better than flan. Yuuuummmmm!

If you actually read the whole thing, you are amazing! I'm sure most people would just scan through pictures and be done with it.
Thank you for reading~ have a great day! Until next time~~(long time!)

By the way, this is not from the mall(I'm sure it looks the same though)...but I got a picture of the "lion" donuts I got to try! I actually only got to try the chocolate one, and it was really good!

Thank you~


  1. Wow! I went to the exact mall right this summer too! My grandmother's house is close to it! : D Haha, I sat on the Hello kitty ferris wheel! : D Ohh... I missed the doramon store... boo

    1. Ohh cool!! You're lucky its so convenient for you to commute to the mall!

  2. Wow, sounds like you had the best mall trip ever! That mall has a lot of food in it, but with it being that big, I can see why! I love the Sanrio ferris wheel, and the beautiful skyline! King of Prussia is supposedly the second biggest mall in America (at least that's what I heard), but it doesn't have half as much food and isn't half as fun as this mall looks. Hope I get to go to Taiwan to check it out one day!

    1. Yes! The malls in America definitely can't be compared to this one! If you ever go to Taiwan, make a stop at south of Taiwan too since most people just go to Taipei(North).

    2. Btw, I tagged you for the Liebster Award!

  3. wow, such an amazing mall :3 Wish I was there :D
    You have a beautiful blog dear, I am a new follower <3

  4. aww~ i love stationery too!
    i love collecting papers, notebooks, pens and all other cute stuffs!
    i just can't resist the cuteness!

    1. Hehe~do they sell those cute character stuff over there too? :D

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  6. AWESOME pics!! I wished I could go there too ^-^ And I'm happy that you found that adorable My Melody wheel :D So cute ^-^ aw want to go there too!! XD

    :) <3

  7. Great pictures! I think it was something great and beautiful. A wonderful trip! Food phenomenal. I want them! :)

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  11. That piggy bank cake is SUPER cute! really! if I were to buy it I'd never eat it xD

  12. really lovely post my dear. all of this food is making me so hungry and the ferris wheel is hands down one of the cutest i have ever seen. this mall also look amazing. i could easily spend hours in it!
    xx rae

  13. look fantastic
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  14. Oh myy ! What a magic place!! Great photos :-))

  15. Everything looks gorgeous. I had those lions donuts in Seouls and they were d-licious!! :)

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  23. Hi,

    do you remember the name of the bookstore in dream mall? or which floor? please. thank you!

  24. I did not know they have the biggest shopping mall there! WOW! Looks like you had a good time!


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