Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer Flashback: Meeting Strawhat Pirates in Times Square, Hong Kong (One Piece Docks At Hong Kong)

Anyone who have watched or read One Piece before would recognize right away that you're staring right at Sunny Go (for those of you who are not familiar, this is the pirate crew's newest ship).  I didn't look up any events prior to coming to Times Square, at least not until I saw THIS! (By the way, One Piece is my favorite Anime/Manga even though I stopped reading/watching)

During my stay in Hong Kong, I was just strolling pass Times Square one day, and I saw something huge and bright ahead of me. When I got a closer look at it, I screamed, "OMG!! IT'S LUFFY'S FLAG!! OMG!! IT'S SUNNY GO!! AH!!".  How in the world did the ship sail all the way here?!?! How could I have missed this?! There was a very long line to board the ship and take pictures with the things they had to offer on Sunny Go. I tiptoed and tried to get a peek at what they get to look at, and I only saw the ship's wheel and Nami's personal orange tree (plastic of course). I figured there was nothing much to see, and it was a very hot day. If they had offered a display of the aquarium, which was on the actual ship in the story, then I would have hopped right in line. Who would miss out on THE aquarium inside Sunny Go? There had to be more to this I had to explore! Sure enough.....what I saw next was the most adorable crew member....

Chopper is super adorable! That's why he got the whole floor to himself for people to take pictures with.
 They got him to pose with all his cute expressions~ I actually had to line up to take pictures with him. Fortunately for me, the line wasn't ridiculously long (I found out about this exhibition pretty late), so there were about several people in front of me.

 This post will be picture you can already tell.. Chopper's hat was so huge! Being clumsy me, I bumped my head into it a few times. On a random note, I know it's been a long time since my last post... I've been neglecting my blog.. I hope I can get back to writing it again.

Merry Go happened to be floating right in the center of the shopping mall. Most people didn't even bother to look at it, maybe because all the people who are familiar with One Piece already had their fill with it. I was the only person in the mall going all out on the different angles I could capture, and I would get random stares from mall goers. It makes sense for Merry Go to float in such a tall building like it was flying. You would understand if you are updated with the series. I feel that the head of Merry should be slightly bigger though...but that's just me.

As I went down the escalator to venture deeper into the heart of the exhibition, I was so excited to see all the life size characters open for photography. I know in some places, they don't allow you to take photo with characters.

See Franky? I haven't caught up with the new chapters/episodes of One Piece, so this version of Franky is unfamiliar to me. I have no idea how all those things in his body functions. He looks cooler than ever though! They have all the characters in glass cases for display.  All the figurines brings back memories of all the episodes I have watched in the past. Nostalgic...

The first character I rushed towards for a picture was Zoro! Why? He's my favorite character!! His insane training mode on the ship....his lack of sense of direction...and everything else makes him such an interesting character! Of course, Luffy and the rest of crew are great too. Zoro is taller than me! Zoro also had the longest line for pictures, guess I'm not the only one who adores Zoro. There was a girl who held Zoro's muscular arm, and she got told off by the staff because you're not allowed to touch him (photograph only).

I took a picture with Luffy too, but I'll let you take in all of Luffy's existence instead. That probably didn't make sense... Luffy is hands down best character in the whole anime world in my opinion. You're probably thinking...not Zoro? Well, the best character doesn't necessarily have to be my favorite character right? Luffy is so imperfect that it makes him perfect. We all know he is strong, and all main characters are strong anyway; but aside from being strong, he beats the others on the emotional level and he is absolutely hilarious. Sorry Naruto and Ichigo....

As always, Nami is always super sexy... I love her new long hair though! I don't know when I'll ever catch up to the latest episode. One Piece will probably end soon...seeing that Naruto ended not too long ago.... I will be very sad when that happens, so maybe it's a good thing I'm not updated.

The outcome of this picture is a bit off because I was using my mom's iphone to take this, and her phone has issues, and gives the picture a green hue. But here's Franky anyway! It looks like he is inside the machine... hm... a closer look?

That's definitely him!

And Sanji! The womanizer!! He looks older here! Maybe he did get older as the story progressed...but Luffy doesn't look as old...

Brook!!! Rocking it!!

Robin~~ same level of sexiness as Nami~

Last, but not least, Usopp!!

Any of these characters seem familiar to you? Doflamingo definitely stood out!

Aww....cute mini figurines of them!!

Shirohoshi Princess is so adorable~

Viewing the Merry Go from the bottom...

Anyone else a fan of One Piece too? Who's your favorite character?
It was a two year hiatus, but I'm happy to be back! I'll be posting more often! Thank you for reading!


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