Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What did I get for Christmas?


I got these cute pink fuzzy sleep socks, sweet pea body wash&bubble bath from Auntie Laura n family.
I got a Abercrombie gift card & cute clips from Auntie Jane.
I got two shirts & a short sleeved sweatshirt from Ali & Sam.
I got one hundred dollars from mama&yeye. I was surprised.
I got one hundred dollars from my dad. I wanna buy the planet earth dvd box set with that!
I got the mitsubishi black eraser from Mabel.
I got two pairs of knee high socks from my mom! one is poka-dotted and one is striped.
I got some nice pictures from my grandparents.

My dad gave the cousins each 20 dollas....like WOAH!

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