Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 3: Hangin' On

I won't be posting everday since my class is so hectic.
I'll be posting every other day or so...
Yesterday(Day 2), no tears.
Today... almost!!
I held it in!! Good job to me!
We got in a fight. And I tend to cry when I get really mad.
I was close, but I fought against them(tears) !
UGH!!MAKES ME SO MAD!! he f**kn hung up on me!!
you know what I hate the most????!?! People hanging up on me ! I'm saying bye to myself!!!!
I think we both have faults, but he thinks it's all my fault by sarcastically saying it's all his fault. He's obviously blaming everything on me!!
I won't be signing on tilll 11, that's for sure... I need the time to cool off...
He's probably telling his mom what happened already by now...since she will be able to sense his anger...and will be asking...
Then, he's gonna make me sound soo badd.....his mom won't like me as much anymore .
That's great. I won't ever want to go to his house now...
When he brought me home today, the moment I got off the car..the second I got off, he already sped off....geeez FFFFRRRRRR
I guess we'll sort things out tonight....but who knows how mad he is...
I guess this is a good thing for me because I concentrate better on hw and lab when I'm in this kind of mood.
Just thinking about it makes me SO FFFKN MAD, I'm gonna do lab now.


  1. oh just the little things(big thing to him) =_=''
    We're back to normal now..after talking about it..
    I guess this is pretty normal >_> since we see each other everyday..

  2. *sigh* >_< hope things get better for you guys~if you want to vent feel free to use my msn window =]


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