Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best Dream

Today, I had the BEST dream EVER!!!
One hour after I had that dream, I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to draw it out!!
It was even better than if Miyavi appeared in my dream. YEs. It was THAT GREAT.
After I drew out the picture, I was like OH MY GOODNESS!!WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAPPY LOOKING THING?!?!THIS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE IT AT ALL!!Anyway, I never DRAW OUT my dreams. So, this dream is really special to me.

What I drew was supposed to be the best scenery out of my whole dream. It was a big adventure I had by myself. On the way, there would be people I know who would join me for a little while. Some people guided me. It was OF COURSE out in the nature. That scene which involves water, was nature's WORK OF ART. It was on a very high place. If you stood on the edge, you would be able to look down at all the beautiful trees and grass and some rocky and sandy parts of the place. It was probably a few hundred feet in the air. That was the most memorable part of my dream.

At that specific place, there were pebbles and rocks among the water and there would be fishies swimming around you. White fishies, black fishies, gold fishies, red fishies. When I first stepped in, my feet soaked into the water and I walked around the swimming fishies.

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