Friday, April 10, 2009


My dad just came in to see what I was doing just now...

I was just closing my eyes and bathing my face in light(from lamp).

I opened up my eyes to see him in the doorway. o.O?

"What are you doing?"

"I'm resting. Closing my eyes. Can't you see?"



"You're crazy! Look at that golf club you have over there!" He pointed at the golf club that had been standing there against my chair for several hours. Then, he left.

Wondering why I have a golf club in my room?

Today, my heart almost bursted out of my chest today. I remember hearing the sound of my beating heart next to my eardrums. My ears dying from looking for the noise that they're expecting to hear. One hand squeezing so tightly on the doorknob leaving red marks on the palm, the other hand grabbing on to the phone with buzzing sound. All while suffering from terrible cramps that were expected to come. Confused much?

Before I got all paranoid and heard my own heartbeat, I was happily staring at my new Alice Nine poster...until a voice from outside my window called out...

"Anyone home???Hellllooooo........................"

My window was open, so I had to close my window to ignore those stupid people whatever they wanted from ME, who was home alone. But as I was closing my window, the man spotted me, but I hurried to close the other blinds anyways. I had to ignore this person. Okay, so he rang the doorbell and knocked on the door, big deal =.=. I just made sure my door was locked. So a few rings is what he did, and I thought he would just go awayyy after that, but WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT PERSON!??! He was just the most persistent guy everr!! He went on saying, "I know you're in there!!Open up!!" that's just invading privacy. If you know they're not coming to the door after how MANY times you rang the bell, YOU SHOULD KNOW that they DONT WANT to talk to you or see you or have ANYTHING TO DO with you! I just waited a bit longer for him to just SHOO AWAY. But WHAT THE f#@%$ DO I HEAR NEXT?!?! THE SOUND OF TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR!! You know how that annoying sound is like right?!?! Chuk-cheuk-chuk!! Just imagine the doorknob moving up and down and left to right and right to left and ALL AROUND. NOT FUNNY AT ALL! I started freaking from there. FRREAAKED. I'm just going to go ahead and skip this WHOLE DAMN PART and go straight to after an hour or so passed how I called my friend up who lives close by me. She was NICE enough to drive over and check...and that was when my FREAKED LEVel went lower because that guy wasn't there ANYMORE. Who the @#$%&*@#! RINGS,knocks, SHAKES,yells AT MY DOOR for half an hour?!? GET A @#$%^@#*! LIFE!!!!! Even if it was half an hour, IT CREEPED ME out for the whole $&^#&*$@ DAY!! I even have a !&$@*# golf club with me now!!!!THAT SON OF A MOTHERASFAEIOFSDK~~!!!

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