Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Teeth Falling Out Dream

My dream was very normal(not happy or sad or scary) until there was this mirror appeared in front of me(I seriously don't know how the heck it got there) and that's when I saw that one of my front tooth was missing. I didn't even FEEL anything! At all! I quickly turned to my dream mate(some random girl) who was next to me and showed her my missing tooth. I forgot her reaction.

In my past dreams, I was actually aware that I'm really in a dream. Like I would tell myself, oh it's just a dream. But this dream, it was so REAL. It didn't even stop there though! I felt my bottom molars and others starting to wiggle their way wasn't painful or anything but it was VERY DISTURBING! My tongue could sense my very loose teeth about to come out of their tiny little holes. Ugh! Then my tongue's reaction was of course to aid my escaping teeth and push them out of my mouth. Imagine all your bottom teeth, excluding your bottom front teeth, trying to come out all at the same time! For some weird reason, I used my fingers to pick up one of my molars on my tongue to try to restore it. I was stupid because I just picked a random hole to stick it in, not caring if it can fit or not. Failure!

As I held a pile of teeth in my hands, I opened my mouth wide at my own reflection, horrified at the sight of my own mouth. There were many holes; my tongue was going nuts feeling all the holes. I think I was so creeped out that I woke up from that dream early in the morning.

I have heard about how teeth falling out dreams are very common and most people have that kind of dream at least once in a lifetime. In the past, when people talk about it, I've wondered why I haven't such a dream yet even though it's so common. I know how this kind of dream means that I fear something in my life. But you know? I don't feel any kind of fear at this moment. So I'm very curious as to why this dream even occurred in the first place. I don't feel insecure at all either. Weird...

Even when I woke up...I had to feel around to make sure all my teeth were still there. I was so relieved that they stayed!!

Something else I saw in my dream: My older cousin who is working and has a boyfriend... she had a baby in my dream. O_O.

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