Thursday, January 20, 2011

Piano + Mattress

Yesterday, I cleaned my room the whole day. And I still have lots of stuff lined up on the ground. I have no idea where to put them.
This morning,
I woke up at 9:15am. We went to Best Buy's to check out the pianos once again to make decisions. I personally like black Roland F-110 more than the one at the entrance...which is a brown Yamaha kinda wobbly but the guy said he can put the missing screw in. The Roland F-110 is around $1250. So later on, my dad came and tried to negotiate and talk the price down. So they're willing to sell us the big wobbly Yamaha for $750, plus tax it would be around $850 including a bench. As for the black compact Roland, they're willing to cut the tax, so the price would be around $1250. But online, I found one that is white and selling a used one for $1149. So I'm planning to just go back to Best Buy's

and tell them about the website and see if they're willing to go down to that price, hopefully WITH A FREE BENCH. If not, we'll just get it online, OR offer $650 for the wobbly Yamaha But I really like the Roland, mainly because it saves so much space and a lot lighter. Around 2 hours after looking at pianos, my dad and I went to look at mattresses. I tried a lot of different mattresses. One of them gave me a red itchy bump on my face =_='' . So I decided on the cheapest one I tried which is around $600 w/o tax. Then the salesman showed us a bed with pull out drawers at the bottom, which I love! Because it is so space efficient. I could just put all my clothes in there and give my dad the drawer next to my bed.Since the drawers pull out from the two sides, I'll have to place the bed several inches away from the wall because of the wall shelf, which leaves a long narrow space at the head of the bed. My dad said he could buy materials and we could make a table together to put it in that empty space and it could open up to put my stuff inside. I mainly want a table there so no spider webs can form at the corner and spiders won't be crawling up to my bed. But the bed with drawers is charged separately, $600 w/o tax. So my dad suggested my mom pay for most of the mattress for my birthday present and he pays for 1/3 of the mattress for my birthday and Christmas present, while my grandma pay for my piano(still not sure which account), and I pay for the bed with drawers. I'm so tired right now that I don't even have the energy to clean my room =_=, I think I'll start cleaning after dinner.

I really want the white one more than the black one ><>

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