Sunday, August 7, 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 1

So I'm going to do another 30 Day Challenge. This time, it's not shedding a single tear in all 30 days. And take note, my period hasn't come yet, so it will be a challenge. I guess I'll start today. I need this to make myself stronger. This world is unfair, screwed up. Of course, with the dark side, there is always a beautiful side of this world, which includes many beautiful and breathtaking places I need to visit, and fun things to try like skydiving. I need to toughen up myself to take on all the challenges this world has for me. I think crying is a way of giving in and losing. So this will be a good start for me. Usually, it's peopl's words that make me cry, not much of the physical pain. Well, good luck to me, who always cries. Haha.

Now, back to physics.


  1. sooo does that mean 30 questions or like a post per day =D??

  2. it's just reaching a goal with the help of blogging, kinda helps keep track. So i guess neither?


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