Monday, April 16, 2007


Okay. I'm pissed. The kind where you put up a smiley face and have fire burning inside you so you don't release the fire and injure other people. I was eating dinner. It was this rice that's red and there's tomatoes, eggs, peas in it... along with a piece of yummy chicken on top. She cooked it with my grandpa by the side teaching her every step. I spoke out saying that the same kind of rice made last time had a better flavor. My grandpa replied to me saying of course it was, it was his cooking last time. And all of a sudden, the auntie next to me just blabbed "APPRECIATION!" and started blabbing how I should appreciate my food(wtf?! i do.o_O) and how I shouldn't complain about the food and say how good it is no matter who makes it. JUST WHAT THE FUCK. There I am, just nodding my head off. She was finally done with her FREAKEN lecture. I feel fine about the food. It was delicious! SO making a comment saying that last times' was better means COMPLAINING about the food?! WOW. WELL now I know. Thanks for telling me.
Then my grandma told me, "I just hope the first dollar you earn, you will use it to "chang"(buy food for in canto) your grandpa. But I don't know if you will do that or not."<--doubting me?? Well now that she tells me, I will remember to do that, except I'll use the money to chang both of them.
I'm not full from dinner. Urghh.

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