Wednesday, April 25, 2007


After school, when I got into my dad's car, he was like: Ok listen up okay? I've got something serious to tell you, so you have to listen to me... Mama Yeye(grandpa+grandma) are going to kick us out of the house IF WE dont clean up our rooms. O_______O WHHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! <--me

following that & him arguing all the way home...then throughout the day...lectures by mama(grandma)...and cleaning up the room...

OH YEA! AND MY DAD LIMITED ONLY 5 UNDERWEARS FOR ME TO KEEP...I WAS LIIKE WTF??!?! I HAVE LIKE 20..AND YOU FREAKEN WANT ME TO THROW AWAY 15 OF THEM!?!!? HELL NOOO!!!!!! AND HE LIMITED ONLY THOSE DRAWERS FOR ME TO KEEP MY CLOTHES....WTHHHH!!!! IF YOU ARE A GIRL...CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING ONLY 5 FREAKEN UNDIES?!?! I CAN'T!!! He's asking for the impossible...well on that part..I won't listen, for the clothes, I'll get rid of two black trash bag size full of clothes and other stuff.

Wow! I've cleared out 3 sections in my whole room at least! ^^ It was pretty hard. Dumping all those stuff into the black bag.

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