Thursday, April 5, 2007


Here are some quizzes that I took:


Which Final Fantasy IX character are you? Find out here!


Which Advent Children character are you? Find out here!

You're Luffy! None to clever, but a masterful martial artist, you use your Devil Fruit powers in imaginative ways to win the fight. Somewhat stupid, but so pure hearted that you can't stand injustice, you lead the Straw Hat crew into adventure and lots and lots of danger.

You Are The Hermit
You posses a great deal of wisdom and the ability to see people for who they are.
You are always looking ahead at the future, developing visions.
A loner, you tend to travel by yourself through life, seeking your own truth.
You don't crave material things or fancy titles. You have no baggage.

Your fortune:

It's possible that there is a unknown guiding figure in your life, ready to help you.
All you have to do is find this person and seek their advice.
It's also possible that you need to start seeking the meaning of your own life.
Either way, there's some deep thinking you need to undertake, and it needs to be done soon.


Are you a Protagonist or Antagonist?

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What Kon Are You?

What Howl's Moving Castle Character Are You?

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