Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 12: A Photo of Me Taken Recently

This was taken at Huntington Beach by Hitomi.
Personally, I think the picture would look better horizontal. xP
But that's okay :)

Let me rant about what happened in the past few days...
So, tonight my cousin made dinner (spaghetti) and I did the dishes while he took out the garbage. Today is Monday, I believe.
On Sunday, Kanoni and I had to wake up EARLY(around 9:00) to go and get Yoichi a present. The Asian "cute" stores opened 10, just in time. After around 35 minutes, we finally chose something for him...which is a tissue holder that is a big fishy, and tissue comes out of its mouth, so it's like spewing out water? And we also got him this orange car freshener(the ones you stick on to the AC vent), there were two inside. Then we got him this really cute card with some character holding a flan that flips out. For lunch, we just bought a bunch of packed sushi(one of them was buy 1 get 1 free!) and shared them. We played Wii Taiko Drum Master & Brawl at his house. Then I was sooo tired my eyes could barely open because I slept so late the previous night. Then at around 5pm, people started coming to his house(drinking party), so we left. We are good girls & legal, teehehehe. Then we headed over to her house to get mochi ingredients, then back to my house to do the second part of making the mochi. So, we were making green tea mochi and I will post some pictures soon. The green tea mochi is SOOO DELICIOUS!!! The softness, tenderness, chewyness, squeezyness. The filling is red bean, not ice cream. But it's still GOOD! I'm not a fan of red bean, but I just couldn't stop eating them. Then we had noodles+veggies for dinner, playing Family Feud at the same time. Hahaha. Then she left at 9pm, leaving me all alone in the house again ;(
On Saturday, in the afternoon, Elmo took me, maomao+her sister to go to Santa Anita mall. Elmo had to find a present. I had to find a bathing suit, but no luck. Almost all they had were bikinis, which was not what I was looking for. Me and maomao ate garlic pretzel and it stung our mouths. Then around 9:30, we arrived at Au79 for some drink, meeting up with a group of people. I ordered a Mango bing was alright. We played this new card game, and that's how the night ended.

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