Monday, August 23, 2010

Monster Mochi

The title scares you doesn't it? I'll talk about that later. Let's rewind to yesterday yesterday, which is Saturday.

There's a lot to talk about, but I'll try to make it as short as possible.
I woke up at 7:00 am in the morning to go with my grandma to go to Arcadia mall for Macy's one day sale. She needed a watch, so I helped her in choosing a watch along with Auntie Pat who came along as well(she bought 4 pairs of shoes O_O). While browsing around for dresses, I met Lindsey, Lani's friend, by chance. I don't know if I should be happy or not for leaving the mall empty handed because I was actually looking for a dress. After a few hours at the mall, Uncle Sam treated us to tepanyaki at a restaurant called Tokyo Wako. I enjoyed the shrimps the best. Yumm. I ate more than I usually eat for lunch.

Then, my grandma had to go to a barber shop for her appointment to do her hair. I just sat on chair for a while, then I went to the sofa(more comfortable) and took a nap for I don't know how long since I couldn't sleep until 4am the previous night(only 3hours of sleep). Then, we went back home and I had to do her a favor and tie ribbons for the present she was going to bring to some party she was going to. I got a paper cut from curling the strings with scissors. No biggie. Then a few hours later, while I was playing Family Feud on fb, Emily came over for some free dinner and we took off for Au to meet up with Van, Angel, Gillian, and their dudes.

At Au, I ordered Honey Aloe, and it tasted alright, not super great. We played cards the whole time, mostly Big 2. Emily did this really annoying sound with her straw by moving it up and down the hole and it was SO ANNOYING that Angel and I kept slapping and pushing her(Emily sat between the two of us, so it would look like she's going back and forth between us). I was laughing most of the time because it was so funny watching Angel bullying Emily. I'm not being mean, I'm sure you would do the same. Honestly, this is the funnest time I had in Au out of probably 4 times that I went. I can skip the part me and Angel were in the restroom together; don't wanna gross you out :P. So Emily brought me home at around 10? or later? I can't recall the exact time. She stayed to watch a Korean movie with me. We picked 200lb Beauty because I thought she haven't seen it before, but we found out later in the movie that she did see it. =.=, it was still enjoyable and I didn't mind watching it the second time. By this time, it was pretty late already, so she decided to just sleepover. Then we watched another movie, called My Wife Got Married. The beginning was really sexual, perfect for Emily. During the movie, we got so hungry(our tummies were literally in pain), that we went for a midnight healthy snack, Golden kiwi and shared a banana. Cured our tummies on the spot. After the movie ended[around 4:30am], we were pretty awake for some time(she kept asking questions about the movie), then I'm sure I fell asleep first. I haven't had anyone sleep over at my house since elementary school.

I woke up at 11:45am the next morning. My grandma was already preparing lunch for us. I told her that Emily slept over, and she was like Oh really??and laughed. We ate the food she made and we went back to my room to watch another Korean movie, called The Worst Guy Ever.

OMG I'M SO TIRED RIGHT NOW..I'LL ADD MORE TO THIS LATER..I'LL BRIEFLY TALK ABOUT THE we made mochi and tried to do the ice cream one and FAILED, had to go out again to get the read bean paste and it was much better. Our mochis were so huge in the beginning, then I made one that stood out from the rest and it was called the MONSTER MOCHI. IT LOOKED UGLY AND the end before she left, she ate my monster mochi. WE HAD A HELL OF A TIME MAKING THESE MOCHI FROM SCRATCH TO FINISH. I won't be making mochis for a while. Washing dishes tired me out.

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  1. haha how interesting~XD we have another sleepover on wed<3


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