Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 14: Your Day, in Great Detail

Omg!! I'm so sorry I'm late!!! Like two hours late!!

So I will edit this further...

Went to riverside today to sleep over with friends!!
Emily drove me, Jessica, and Tracy... thank you!
We just played the Ninja game just tiring!!
I'm using Panda's laptop to post this right now...
We went into the pool and ate at Ten Ren...

Refreshing my memory back to this day...
I woke up at 9:00am to do some last-minute packing for the sleepover. When I had all my stuff ready to move to Emily's trunk, my dad saw the stuff and was like, "Are you moving????". I'm like no....Then Emily picked me up at around 2 something, always late like usual. Then we went to pick up Jessica next...when I called her, you know what shocked me? She was freakin playing family feud!!! I was like WHAT?!?! at this minute and second, you're playing FAMILY FEUD?! Oh em gee. Anyways, it seemed like forever before she finally got out carrying all those bags of stuff. I think we all needed help carrying our bags to Emily's car. Then, the next person to pick up was Tracy. I was like Wow, she actually brought her laptop with her.

We went to Big 5 because I needed goggles for swimming. I got them for around $7... I should have gotten the more expensive ones.. it was so uncomfortable. When I wore it, it felt like my eyes were going to pop out. Anyway, after getting the goggles, we went to Kiki's Bakery to get some food for the next day's breakfast because someone mentioned that Angel isn't cooking anymore, which, by the way, she DID cook dumplings for us. At Kiki's Bakery, the girl working there was speaking Mandarin to them, then I think she heard me speaking Canto on the phone to Emily, because when I went to pay for the bread, she started speaking Canto to me. So we got back into the car, I was I enjoying my CD playing in Emily's car and even sang along. Tracy told us about how she named her dog Wai Goh, which is sort of like Viagra in's just some pill. Somewhere along the way, Tracy fell asleep. At the same time, Jessica started telling us some ghost stories(non-fiction), I found it pretty entertaining, I enjoy listening to these kinds of stories.

We finally got to the apartment. We were welcomed by Van directing Emily to the designated parking space, which was right in front of their window and next to Van's car. We got a hold of all our stuff; honestly, it looked like we were moving there. And we made our way towards their living quarter. We walked through this little passageway, walked up these stairs and a few more steps their unit would be right there in the dark corner.

Edit this later...BYE!

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