Saturday, May 3, 2008

1st SAT I

That evil Test that should have never existed on this earth in the first place is OVER. for the time being...

For the average student...

English Essay: finished with 4 paragraphs. okay.
English Writing: Half easy, Half hard
English Reading: Hard. I'm so slow. Tons of vocab.
Math: Medium or higher. Zipped through most. A few of them, I was just like huh?

I keep forgetting what superfluous means...
I don't even remember right now...I'll check it later >_>

Next one is in June...
This time around I will study study study!!!
Do LOTs of practice tests and all this other stuff!!

Anime and Manga,, they're slipping away from me now.. or is it the opposite?
Will I ever go back to you? Oh, but don't worry I'll never forget you...
Surely, one day I will continue to watch/read you!Just wait till I boost up my intelligence!

OMG!! TODAY I WAS SO PISSED.. cuz no food.. I always get into a bad mood when there's no food that I feel like eating...why am I so picky? ANYWAY, after dropping off Van & Jess1ca, I got so pissed at home I locked myself up and cried myself to sleep (something I haven't done in a long time, and it's usually because of FOOD!) and then some time later my phone rang and my sleep was interrupted and Jess1ca told me she left her phone and then I went back to sleep.


It felt so real in the dream! I had told my dad about how Jessica's phone is left in his car and then HE TOLD ME that he knew that and she told him about it(doesn't make sense but I still thought that happened anyway) and he said it was just an excuse for something else and the truth was she didn't leave it in his car but to lead my attention to him *I know this is getting confusing, it didn't make sense to me after I thought about it* And at that time I was with my two little cousins. My dad led me to the bathroom and took off his shirt and then out of nowhere the shower head appeared in his hand and there was water shooting out and he aimed it at his back and then words(black, kinda like tattoo) started appearing on his back( SO WEIRD) THEN some kind of poem started to form and the longer he left on one spot, the clearer the words become. With each of my cousins standing next to me, he told me to hold the shower head for him and asked me to continue shooting water at this back so the rest of the words on his back can show up. I started to read the first line which was already clear...and well...I don't remember the exact words...but I know theres a word "love" in there. It was REALLY poetic like..not the rhyming ones...but it's just really good english. and I held on to the shower head at the empty spots on his back and lines of words just kept a page or a rectangle on his back!! with fine lines of beautiful words!!! and then I woke up when I was still holding on to the shower head....... I never got to read the rest of it! DAM! It was nothing nasty for sure... And there were previous parts in the dream that I never got to mention since I forgot them all.

Later on in the day, he bought me flan and soy milk!!! yay!! Maybe my dream predicted this! Something good happened!! Even though I forgot everything about the dream except for the bare back part, I remember it was a reaallyy good dream. And I never remember good dreams, especially waiting after more than 5 hrs before writing about it. Though I remember nightmares, even from when I was little.

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