Friday, May 9, 2008

The Horror of Dark Circles

Got Panda Eyes? If you don't have any, go back to your alien world and forget you ever came here.

So many people out there are desperately looking for ways to get rid of their panda eyes. Some throw on layers of concealer just to hide them. Most people waste all their money on stupid eye creams or eye gels or whatever eye products to make them feel better. But you know what? NONE OF THEM WORK! And if you say it works, I'm worried about you. Really. Who knows what kind of crazy skin-damaging ingredient they put in there?

Don't Give Up So Soon!

Why don't we focus on alleviating dark circles the natural way? You can save a lot of money too!

T R E A T M E N T S.
1. Avocado: place slices under each eye.
2. Milk & Ground almonds: make a paste, apply under eyes.
3. Tomato juice & Lemon juice: mix and apply. Make sure they're equal amounts.
4. Cold Water: soak towel & rinse. Leave it on your eyes during your sleep.
5. Cucumbers: fresh/cool slices on closed eyes for 10 minutes.
6. Potato(raw): thin slices on dark circles. Recommended daily.
7. Cucumber juice: dip with cotten pods and place on eyelids.
8. Rose petals & Milk: make a paste and apply around eyes.
9. Lemon juice & Cucumber juice & Lanolin cream: around eyes. avoid getting into eyes.
10. more to come..

*If you don't know what some of the things are, look it up. If you have no clue how long you should leave it on, I personally recommend 10 minutes. If you can't get ground almonds, just crush them yourself. Don't get any juices in your eyes.

Try them all and see which one works for you! And if none of them work(but you can't expect instant results), you probably have poor vitamin & mineral absorption. It's also said that tea bags work also, but who knows, you can try too. But the best way is to sleep well and eat healthy, which most of us never do. But sometimes, the cause of it is genes...yeah sad right? Don't stress, you can still reduce the darkness. Another cause could be protein indigestion. Actually, there are many other causes of dark circles under your eyes. Besides the ones I mentioned, possibilities include:

Too much sun exposure & Lack of sleep + nutrients & Asthma & Chronic diseases & Increasing age & Mentruation & Eczema & Bad Circulation & Allergies & Effects of Medication

Curing certain illnesses may help with your dark circles. Know your causes of dark circles. It varies from person to person. I know you don't want to walk around looking lifeless and sick all the time right?

If you really insist on using skin products, get an eye cream that contains vitamin K and retinol. It might work for a few people. OR you can apply sunscreen under your eyes with a higher SPF than the rest of your face, so your dark circles can become less apparent when they darken slower than the rest(of face) from sun exposure.

Remember to refrain from rubbing your eyes. It's something I always do and it can break capillaries underneath the skin that results in discoloration of the skin. So, that's a no no.

O t h e r N O - N O ' s
1. Placing a bunch of ice on your eyes for a period of time.
2. Excessive salt --> puffiness
3. Smoking & Alcohol(addict)
4. Scratching skin under the eyes

Drink water!! It can solve MANY problems in our bodies. Make sure your body is hydrated at all times.

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