Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 6: My Fated number

Today is just like any other day. No drama. No tears.
There is one big thing. Test. And I think I did pretty bad.
I'm just a bad test taker. The moment I see the problems, I just forget everything. Let's not even go there. So depressing...

We were so wasted after the test we treated ourselves to Daikokuya. I couldn't resist ordering Takoyaki because I haven't had those in forever! It's so expensive though! $4.XX for 5 pieces. We ordered regular size noodles, which is huge. I couldnt' finish it since I ate 3 takoyakis. My appetite isn't as crazy as before because physics class is draining my soul and energy and all that.

We worked on lab at my house. I had to clean out my whole room today. So exhausting... I had to clean out my room for my uncle and aunt to sleep in for their one night stay. Everything vacuumed. Dust wiped.

When I watered the plants today. I noticed the water lily was closed very nicely. I remembered the other sunny day it was open(so pretty). I looked it up and found out that water lilys open around 9am and close around 4pm. So coool!!! Wonders of nature. It's like water lilies have bed times like we do.

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