Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 9: Don't fail now...

I went to the classroom today like usual. Nothing different.
I sat down and pushed him away like usual(at least to me).
A few minutes later...he said, "Ohh...I know! Your period is coming isn't it??"
Me: I don't know. What makes you think that?
Him: You're acting strange...
Me: I'm acting like how I usually act.
Him: No...I sense something different.
Then, a few hours later...I started getting menstrual cramps. By afternoon, my period came. =_= He was like.. " I was right! See! "
My mood was fluctuating like crazy later after I got home.
Everything just pissed me off.. like the floor my slipper got stuck to this sticky mess on the floor that someone left. I was soooo pissed i was like CURSE WHOEVER MADE THIS MESS!!!!!!!!!!! I think even if I wasn't on it, I would be pretty pissed. I had to go get another pair of slippers to wear even after cleaning it.
I was kinda close to tear..but forced it back in! Yes! I have not failed yet.

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