Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrating My Friend's Birthday

Camwhoring with the birthday girl during our lunch ;)
Last Saturday, a bunch of friends got together to celebrate her birthday! She booked a table at Cham Sut Gol Korean BBQ restaurant (All You Can Eat! YUM!). It was actually supposed to be a girls-only celebration. But my boyfriend wanted to go, so he asked me to ask her if he can go (even though he wasn't
even invited). I felt really bad for my other friend's bf because I told him it was a girls only event (but he was actually invited through fb). It turned out really awkward later on when he dropped by to visit at a cafe we were drinking at. And he stared at my boyfriend. Ahh I feel so bad! But I couldn't really explain it properly, so he probably has a grudge now. Oh wells, can't help it, I'm really bad with communication.

On the way to Cham Sut Gol KBBQ~ he ended up bringing his little sister along because no one was at home to watch her. This is what usually happens on weekends. I'm going to have a separate post on my outfit even though it is already revealed here....the pictures will be different!!

Actually we stopped by a store to get something ^^ since we were early anyways...

He was taking snapshots like always of me, even the sales guy was joking about it. It was my first time walking in heels this high, so I was still trying to get a hang of it >_> I'm just so used to my comfy sneakers.'s a world of difference, sneakers and heels. More on my outfit here.

Like always, we were the first ones to arrive, so we decided to just wait outside, taking pictures while his sister was running around and playing around.

Lots of appetizers just like any other KBBQ place. 


Patiently waiting for the MEAT to come..

I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE BEEF BRISKETS!!!MMMMMMMMM!!! That's the one kind of meat I order over and over again at a KBBQ AYCT place. The tenderness, the juicyness, the flavor(most of the time) everything about it is just wonderful & scrumptious. Just look at 'em sizzling so nicely on the grill. Smells of temptation. The briskets here were actually pretty okay compared to the other ones I tried; it wasn't perfect maybe because they were overcooked. There are better ones out there.


Appetizers and salad


His sister ate ALOT of rice paper and meat. She's one meat eater! Meat eaters UNITE!! haha!!

 The spicy tofu soup that I didn't try because I was so focused on the meat.

 Spicy Pork & Squid Tentacles~ yum yum! Their spicy pork is actually pretty decent. We all thought the squid was good.

After lunch, we headed to MJ Cafe~~ and this is the light that was above our heads. Very Modern.

 Me and my beautiful friends *_____*
I'm not sure what happened to my face there x_X 
I'm special because I've got pure black hair wahahahaha!

I got her a Rilakkuma cord holder and some post-its and wrote her a card^^

 I ordered a Large Rose Milk Tea...which was absolutely delightful! Tasted very very good! I definitely recommend drinking Rose Milk Tea at MJ Cafe! Everyone who tried some of mine agreed. For sizes, they have regular, large, and extra large. Most people just ordered extra large..I should have ordered extra large. The birthday girl treated all of us drinks she even treated his sister. Now I want more Rose Milk Tea .....

closer look
When I was drinking it, there were rose petals(I suspect) at the bottom of the drink and it would go up the straw and into my mouth, and I would end up chewing on them. The amount of rose flavor was perfectly balanced in this milk tea.


She turned the straw to me and asked me to try her drink, I tried it.  Then she asked, "Good, right?" To which I replied, "Yea! It's really good!" She drank super fast too.

Everyone seemed to be intrigued by my height o_o and my friend Jessica said she wished her boyfriend was as tall as me XD Compared to the real models, my height is a very trivial thing. When I was in this fancy hotel in Vegas...I felt so short with a lot of tall European girls surrounding me and walking past me. 

Well, that was a pretty long picture post @_@ Here's another picture of Me and the Birthday Girl! Just to end the post!


  1. Wow! For the first pairs of heel you wore, it was really high! : D : D I think that you look super cute ^ ^

    1. My very first pair was actually 1.5in...but it's still a big jump. Thank you~ :)

  2. Replies
    1. Waii is a singer. < link to photo = >

    2. don't see the resemblance ><

  3. That rose milk tea looks lovely~ It looks like you guys had a lot of fun though and I love your outfit. ^^

    1. It was so good! I wish you can try it too! Yea it was a fun day~ Thank you~!


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