Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dark Chocolate Amorè

Say hello to my Dark Chocolate Amorè.
I was with my boyfriend and his acquaintances at Jazz Cat Cafe for dinner the other night to celebrate their successful "add". What people normally eat at Jazzcat Cafe is hotpot! And you know what? I don't like hotpot. I had no idea what Jazz Cat Cafe was until I was there, pots everywhere! I had dinner already(thank goodness!), so I just ordered a dessert, Dark Chocolate Amorè.

I had to literally hammer this thing open, as you can see the shattered pieces. Haha! Initially, I thought it could break with a tiny tap, but I thought wrong. The description indicated this was a gelato, but it was not what I expected. The inside, I think it was a raspberry flavor, sorry if I got this wrong. There was a tangy-ness to it with some icy texture. I'm sure they mixed in some ice. The layer between the icy raspberry and the outer dark chocolate shell was, I believe, the gelato part. This part was really sweet, I really had to stop for a while because it was way too sweet, in my opinion. Oh, and I totally scraped the plate, leaving nothing behind. Nonetheless, it was a nice dessert to end the night.

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