Friday, September 16, 2011

My Handmade Soap's Arrival

Glycerin Soap with Goat's Milk & Shea Butter

I ordered this handmade soap on eBay because I can't afford any time to make this myself. The Soap is composed of Glycerin(sucks up water from air, keeping your skin moist) and Goat's Milk(moisturizing). You can choose your own scent, and I chose Lavender because all bugs(like moths, spiders, ants, etc.) hate lavender. It's not the real lavender, but I'm hoping just the smell can repel them. I'm thinking of planting lavender. You can choose an additive to go with the Goat's Milk, so I chose Shea butter since it's great for dry skin. I just noticed she spelled lavender wrong.

What I needed was a soap holder/dish, so I found an available ex-detergent measuring cup. I washed it and decided to make it my soap holder. Did you know that handmade soap is a lot healthier for your skin than those commercial soaps they sell in stores? Most commercial soaps contain tallow, which is an animal byproduct. Glycerin is a byproduct from the soap-making process, but commercial soaps extract most of it out to use it in products like lotions, for more profit. On the contrary, handmade soap retains all the glycerin.

Okay, so I ditched the ugly green plastic because it just didn't look right. Instead, I made my own soap holder out of popsicle sticks. It took a while for me because it took a lot of energy to squeeze glue out of the glue bottle(the hole is SUPER tiny). The part that sticks out on the left is not there for nothing, it serves as a handle, so it's easier for me to take it in and out. I needed the holes in the bottom to drain the water. A way to make a soap last longer is to keep it out of moist and damp areas, and don't let it sit in a puddle of water. Basically, I will need to take it out of the bathroom after I use it because I share the bathroom with my dad, and the bathroom will be all steamed up and my soap will be melting away. What a hassle, right? But this is all to avoid shortening my soap's lifespan. I have yet to try out this soap. Maybe I'll review this soap after I use it for 2 weeks.


  1. YAYYY NATURAL!!! I love your popstickle thingy!!! but will it mold?

  2. As long as I take it out after I shower, and not prolong its exposure to moisture, it should be fine.


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