Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinkii's Outfit 1 : Cherry in the Dark

Basically, this is what I will do for the next few weeks and maybe even longer. I'll post my outfit each week to see how many possible outfits I can create/match until my closet runs out of clothes for me to do this. It's fun because I get to mix and match, and I get to wear the clothes I never wear! I'm always just wearing the same several clothes, so in order to avoid that, I will do this for fun.

You probably noticed the title of the post already. Random, right? Well, that's the point. I'll somehow make up a title that somewhat relates to what I'm wearing, but at the same time, it's totally random(maybe). It'd be boring without a title, right?

I'll also be digging out my shoes to wear, not just my clothes. I might start out with my shoes, then create my whole outfit with those. Another good side is, I'll get to see all my clothes in one place, all matched up, without having to rummage my closet to know what I have.

Okay, on with the picture.

Warning: Super Amateur Photography ahead. I wish I was the one holding the camera

From Head to Toe:

It's been years since I walked out the house with a bun bun!
It's cool because I have black hair with a brown bun!
Earrings. ah. Finally, wore a different set of earrings besides my cross earrings. Dangle Earrings, Moon on the right, Star on the left.
Cute Red Skull Necklace with a star on its head. Super Lightweight.
Black Top. Half Off shoulders, half tank? From Papaya. Gift from Jacinda. This was pretty daring of me since this reveals my unappealing parts of the body;shoulders,elbows.
Gray Skirt. Black Furry Washed out design polka dots. From ISO.
Black Leggings. From Zara.
Dirty Red Hi-Top shoes from K-2. Makes those clack-clack noises.

I don't dress like this usually. I was sort of uncomfortable with the stares from everyone. x____x What's funny was when my dad came to pick me up. I got in the car. He was like, I didn't even recognize you! Why are you so dressed up? Me: What?! How could you not recognize me!? Him: You look so different!

It was probably the bun :/

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