Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinkii's Outfit 9: Masculine, Really?

He refused to take pictures because he thought I looked too manly in this outfit. I was like, Oh come on, I rock any outfit, be it girly, manly, kiddy, etc. He told me, You're getting too conceited. Oh, really? In the end, I whined and got him to take the pictures.  Hehehe. Well, let's take a look, and see if it really is manly like he insisted.

I actually like my profile view here :D Hahaha. I'm wearing my slip on sandals, super convenient when you're on the go. He said these shoes were especially manly. These sandals actually sound kind of click clacky, attracting attention as I walk by people. I'm wearing a pair of Jutense Peche capri pants that have large pockets that give it a bubble effect. It's more visible in the straight front view, like the one below.

Jackets off~ now the button up shirt is visible! My favorite part of this shirt is actually the collar, but my hair is blocking it, sadly. It's not your usual collar, it sort of resembles a pentagon? Anyway, you can clearly see the bubble effect going on with the pants, and no, I didn't put stuff in it to purposely puff them up. We've got that vertical lines going on here. And I know what you're thinking by now..... damn, she's so skinny. It's not often I show skin during a season that's not summer, so I actually got these kind of comments today at school. I guess it still bugs me no matter how many thousand times I hear the same thing over and over. People are entitled to their opinions, so you can speak your thoughts, but just don't overdo it like the girl who barely knew me today...she just kept going on and on about it(in two languages at that) scornfully. I don't think that's very nice. Be nice, people. Moving on....

Looking awkward here. I'm getting sleepy. Let's end it right here. Goodnight!

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