Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinkii's Outfit 7: My Favorite I.S.O Top

Gotta love I.S.O

This is definitely my favorite top(or dress if you would call it) from the I.S.O collection. I love the combination of the top and the skirt(attached). I especially love the tie print and the uneven skirt. The tiny necklace you see there...I made it ^^..I had some spare time before school starts.  Sorry the picture didn't come out very clear. As  result, the booties didn't show up too well. I'm wearing my new Luxury Rebel Shoes Nora Lace up Booties.
Unfortunately, they weren't that comfortable...every part of those shoes were hard, and the front part made it so much harder to go down the stairs.I don't think I'll purchase another pair of Luxury Rebel Shoes.

Inside the Elevator is starting tomorrow T_T. It's time to work my butt off again. I haven't even finished cleaning my room. Gotta wake up at 5:30am. The worst part of today is...the pain in my throat woke me up. This is such a rare occasion that I'm waking up so early when I'm not even going anywhere. I gargled with salt water immediately, followed by a tablespoon full of pi pa gao. Now, I'm drinking Lemon Honey Water like no tomorrow. What bad time to get a sore throat...just before school is starting.

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