Friday, March 2, 2012

A Baby is Born In a Lovely Humming Bird Nest

About 20 days ago, a Humming bird nest was discovered right near the front door!

The pictures are taken about 2 days after the discovery. My boyfriend pointed it out to me. See how small and cute it is from far away...

About 18 days later, a third egg appeared! One of the eggs begun to hatch!

Today(20 days from discovery), you can see half the shell is gone.

The weather has been very chilly the past month, so maybe that's why it's hatching so late. And people are always walking in and out of the house, so the mommy can hardly incubate them in peace. A few hours later.......
So adorable!!! See the beak and the eye that's closed? >< I hope the other eggs hatch soon!

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