Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinkii's Outfit 15: Mommy's Ribbon Necklace

Genuine Leather Jacket by Red by Marc ecko
Polka dotted tank top underneath with lace trimmings(just found it recently o_o)
Plaid shorts by I.S.O
I found the ribbon necklace in my mom's drawers. Apparently, she never wears it, so I asked her if I could
just have it, and now it's mine ^__^.
I just discovered that this picture became the wallpaper of my boyfriend's phone =3=

Can you guess what I was looking at? Well, the answer is right under this picture =___=
K-2 Red Boots~

There was a flock of pigeons...lined up on the telephone pole wire(?) They kept flying here and there in a big group, making a huge scene. When I saw one single dove trying to blend in...I started laughing because I thought it got lost and thought the pigeons were his family.

A closer look at the ribbon necklace~~ I really like it :)

I discovered some tiny berries! It was super windy at the time, so my hair got completely messed up but that's okay^^

The location was actually a golf course. We enjoyed watching the ducks swimming, the turtles sunbathing and swimming..

And it was the first time I got POOPED ON by pigeons!!! I heard a *splat* on my back..I was like..uh...I think I just got pooped on, so I asked him and I turned my back around. And he was like yeahh... >_< I forgot to take a picture of it though.....I'm just glad it didn't go on my head x_x That would be horrible.

I found this picture kind of was a memorial place near the golf course. The wind was so strong it created this sort of weird thing with my hair and it got captured on camera. How cool~ We took sooo many pictures, but I don't want to overload the post with so many pictures.


  1. Oh I want sun! ♥ I like you outfit.

    1. Thanks~ I wish I could give you some sun!

  2. watta cute ribbon necklace *o*

  3. wow! really cute outfit *-* and your blog cute, too <3


  4. i love the outfit! lets follow each other. i'm following you.



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