Monday, March 5, 2012

Pinkii's Outfit 11: Pondering...New Haircut

My orange top is long enough to forget about wearing shorts. Its words have a furry feel to it :) The brand is I.S.O. My black and gray striped cardigan is also from I.S.O. I'm wearing my Zara leggings I got from
my mom, so it's a little loose on me,but it's comfortable so it's okay. Since I wear my Puma sneakers a lot, it will appear on many outfit posts. It's just so comfortable!

Yes it is a bit over sized. I really liked the cardigan, but they only had that size, so I thought it'd shrink in the dryer, guess not. Everyone that passed by in the mall was staring at me. I mean every single person. I wasn't used to that o_o. I usually go to a place with absolutely no one to get photographed. My head feels so much lighter with my new haircut! Yay!

I'm acting silly >< . All the people passing by just had to notice this. Plus, I didn't even finish posing and the picture was taken! I really wanna go back to H.K. so I can shop at I.S.O again!!


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