Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spending Saturday with Boyfriend & his sister+his mom

After we bought our camera, we went to his house to babysit his sister. I decided to try to teach her how to tie shoelaces. I found it to be a very challenging task. It was hard to explain it to someone who has never
really dealt with tying knots before. The beginning part was easy, but the part that comes after that was hard. I tried to teach her using different methods. It seems all of them were difficult for her to master. While I was teaching her, he was rushing us to leave for our haircut appointment.
I was first to get a haircut.The girl who washed my hair spoke mandarin to me the whole time, and later I found out she was from H.K. =_=  Her massage kind of hurt, but I remained silent.  He told me he came to this guy years ago and said he has good skills, so here we are.
 I'm actually pretty satisfied with my haircut. He layered it very nicely, and my head feels much lighter. The bangs were decent.
Boyfriend appearance! It was his turn to get his haircut. Compared to the amount of time spent on washing my hair, it seemed like his hair was washed for only a few minutes. His hair turned out pretty good, the layers are much better than the other places he goes to.
While we were waiting, his sister, Kelly, kept asking me if I wanted candy. I kept saying no over and over again, then I told her to pose with candy in her hand, and she did^^
Then she discovered a poor "fly" that died at the windowsill. It was actually a bee. She kept saying how sad it was for the "fly".
Me, him, his mom, Kelly went to try this new Shanghai restaurant. The interior was actually very elegant.
I love fatty meat!! The flavor was good, the fatty part was good, but the meat part was a bit dry, but still chewable.

This fish was actually my least favorite dish because of the rough texture on the outside, but the inside was soft and tender like how fishes are supposed to be.

I loved the soup! I had like over 7 bowls of it. I just kept refilling over and over again until it was empty. Too bad we didn't get a picture of my favorite dish.
Since my birthday is in March, I decided to take a snapshot of this.
I was actually supposed to be the one to take the pictures, and she was supposed to go with her mom, but she insisted I be the one to go with her on the merry go around. I should feel honored. It would be nice if I could ride on the horse though, too bad I have to stand =.= We were waiting patiently for the merry go around to start.
Weeeeee~ it was so slow... as expected of a merry-go-around. I told her I want to ride too! To which she replied, then why don't you ride on it? I said I didn't pay money to ride. Haha.


  1. Cute :D The new haircut suits you. And your boyfriend's sister is really cute :) I'm happy you had a nice day ^^



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