Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I just found out what an amazing, REALLY AMAZING, place Antarctica was. I learned that Antarcticans are very good natured people. Their average lifespan is 140 years old. I'm not kidding. They have a very high metabolism, and it doesn't slow down even as they age. So, they basically stay fit throughout their whole life. There is also no such thing as cancer or STD or diabetes in Antarctica. I was like WOAH! And everyone speaks English, other languages would be German, Russian, and some other European languages. Children start school at the age of ten and usually stop at around twenty five. In Antarctica, there is no college, high school, or other grade levels. Children can leave school any time they want to, when they feel they have the common knowledge of normal Antarcticans. They progress based on their intelligence, so some kids move faster and some just move slower. They're all at their own pace. Doesn't this place sound perfect already? There is no crime there, obviously, since everyone have everything they need. They even get water from their own homes, in the creeks or rivers, which are PURE. I began to think, "OKAY!I'M GOING STRAIGHT TO ANTARCTICA AND WILL LIVE THERE!".

But then, there's this 'walk in' custom in Antarctica that everyone there goes through. There are three 'walk in's, and the first "walk in" is when you are sixteen. Fourteen kids that have to be completely strangers gather up and are to go to the wilderness with only their sleeping bags(no food) and just survive on their own from a week to a few months. They pick the time. So this is testing their self-sufficiency and team work. The second 'walk in' is when an Antarctican is nineteen years old. When they do this, they cut all communication with the outside world. They usually just do this without telling anyone, like just one day u wake up and think 'Oh, it's time for me to go.'. And this time, you only bring the clothes that you are wearing with you. It usually lasts from three months to half a year. According the custom there, only the people who pass this second 'walk in' are qualified to go into this forest called Val. The trees there are so close to each other that you would always have to squeeze yourself through the woods most of the time. But the animals there are said to be able to communicate with the Antarcticans. The third 'walk in' is usually at their late twenties when they choose a mate. The pair(boy and girl) would go into the forest with only their clothes worn on them and stay in the woods for three months to one year. They usually get married when they come out. The whole custom scares me since I'm not good with bugs and there are a lot of bugs in the woods. I know it's a very good experience for anyone, but the bugs... too bad you can't bring a camera. I would take pictures of all kinds of things. There are much more to Antarctica that you would be eager to know about, and this is only one little part of it. I'm only sharing what was bold in my memory. I WANT TO GO VISIT ANTARCTICA! My dad said I would die from the cold weather.

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