Saturday, May 12, 2007

Living Room

Me and my baby(laptop) are in the living room right now. My dad is watching Once Upon a time in Mexico, and so am I. I SEE JOHNNY DEPP!I rarely take my baby out to the living room(tv room), but today is different. I feel fresher out here. I'm half concentrating in the movie, half concentrating in my typing. Before this movie started, we watched the second half of Kill Bill Vol.2.

HAHAHA!!!OMG!! THAT WAS SO FUNNY! Johnny Depp was telling this Mexican guy to kill a man and before that he talked about how good this dish was and told that guy to try the dish. JD said it was so good that after he finishes the meal, he would walk right into the kitchen and kill the cook that made it. LMAO!! and after, that guy was like, "so you want me to kill the cook?" JD: no no no... And then that guy tried the dish. JD was like, "I was right, right?". And the second after, that guy spit the food out and walked out of the door. Then Johnny finishes his food and he really did killed the cook. Well I kinda missed some parts but o well. You get the point.

Today, my dad was soo nice! He cooked for us Japanese noodle that was even better than ramen. It had lobster ball, squid ball, fish ball, and all kinds of other balls along with mushrooms, veggies, and imitation crab. It was REALLY good. This was lunch. Then at around six, right after I woke up from my nappie, he came back from somewhere with CREAM PUFFS & BANANA SPLIT PIE--WAIT LET ME GET SOME PIE FIRST! -- ok, so anyway, I got to eat so much yummy food! ^___^ He's even washing the dishes. O_O! What a rare sight!

I must remind myself to go to Bath&Body Works to buy the sweet pea foam shower gel thingie. I slept over at my cousins' house last night and took a shower in the morning. The shampoo smelled so good! And I loved the sweat pea foam. Must get it.

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