Tuesday, May 29, 2007

982332 projects due~

I AM SO STRESSED OUT! I have 5 projects in total!!! If I add the mandarin essay, IT WILL BE 6! First, for Mr. Luk's class, I need the extra credit project to bring up my grade. Then, English, I have to make a 5 minute parody which will take days!!! plus an interview project that has to be at least 6 pages long. Next is World History, a project on Obesity worldwide. Then it's the mandarin essay. Oh and there's the solar project where we have to make a brochure and an advertisement. GOD!!! THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT!! I DIDN'T PROCRASTINATE THIS TIME EITHER!

The first one I need to get done is the interview project that is due on June 1st!!
I get extra points if I turn it in early!!! Must start now!!

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