Monday, May 7, 2007

Beard Papa ~Chocolate Eclaire~

I think I spelled it wrong, whatever. IT WAS THE BEST CREAM PUFF I'VE EVER HAD!!!>__< !! My dad told me he was going to get some good dessert to eat and asked if I want to come. OF COURSE I WOULD GO!!!HE DOESN'T EVEN NEED TO ASK. But, I was in mini-shorts and shirt! I WOULD NEVER GO OUT WITH ANY KIND OF SHORTS OR WITHOUT A JACKET!! YET I ONLY HAD TWO SECONDS TO GET IN THE CAR!! It was my first time going out in shorts, AND THEY WERE MINI SHORTS TOO!-___-... well, it was worth eat those yummy cream puffies. They were huge, so I ate only one and a half. It was covered in chocolate layer on top and the cream inside was so good!!! It's on Atlantic, called 'Beard Papa'.

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